The best Diwali gift ideas to celebrate the Festival of Lights in style

The best Diwali gift ideas to celebrate the Festival of Lights in style

Diwali or Deepavali — the Festival of Lights — is one of the most widely celebrated holidays of Indian people and it’s also observed by Hindus, Sikhs, Jains, and some Buddhists worldwide. Usually falling in October or November, the festival commemorates the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, and knowledge over ignorance. It has been a while since we celebrated Diwali with so much fanfare here in Singapore and for us, festivities mean gifting. So like any other special occasion, we usually look forward to showering our loved ones with gifts that’ll make them go “wow” on Diwali.

Whether you go old-school or try to switch things up this year, giving your best shot on Diwali gifts shows that you care. You can always satisfy their sweet tooth with a box of delicious Indian sweets, chocolates, and nuts to snack on or send them everything they need to light up their Diwali festivals such as pretty lights and candles. 

This Festival of Lights, skip the long search for a Diwali perfect gift with this list of unique ideas and personalized picks for just about every recipient's taste. Also, if you want additional inspiration for your Diwali greetings, take a look at our recommended list of Diwali message ideas that can speak volumes.

#1 Deepavali Curated Gift Sets on GiftGood for a festive holiday

 Diwali Sparkle Gift Box

If the holiday has come around and you haven’t finished your Diwali gift shopping yet, it’s okay, you’re not alone. Instead of coming up with another excuse, try out these thoughtful, easy, last-minute gift sets that are promised to be perfectly tailored to their interests, whether you’re shopping for friends, parents, spouses, or your boss. 

Deepvali Sparkle Gift Box

A harmonious blend of nutritious delights – nuts, seeds, and healthy snacks, complemented by 2 charming clay diyas - let your Deepavali greetings shine brighter than ever with this Sparkle Gift Box.

Festive Gourmet Delight (Halah) Gift Box

Wishing your loved one a Deepavali filled with flavour and joy? Our Festive Gourmet Delight Box is here to deliver the message. Packed with Halal-certified gourmet snacks, it's a culinary journey that's sure to leave them craving for more.

Nourish & Flourish (Vegan) Snack Box

From sweet & salty popcorn, macadamia energy bar, and dark chocolate to pecans & walnuts, which are all dairy-free and suitable for vegans, this gift set is a modern and more healthy spin on your traditional sweet favorites for this Diwali festival.

Gourmet Treat (Halah) Gift Box

This box will get you an assortment of satisfying sweet and salty snacks such as brown rice crisps, potato chips, sriracha ginger honey, and chocolate bark.

Artisanal Choco Bliss Gift Box

This is just a truly indulgent gift for any chocolate addict this Diwali. Containing 8 different finest kinds of milk and dark chocolate and beautifully packed in a kraft box, this hamper is no doubt every chocolate lover’s dream.

Premium Australian Honey Gift Set

Honey goes with anything, which makes it the sweetest gift for almost any kind of occasion. For this Diwali, why not use this honey gift box to stock someone’s pantry for holiday baking or everyday tea breaks?

#2 Build your own Diwali gift set on GiftGood

Customise Your Diwali Gift Box

Customise your very own gift box from a selection of over 300 quality products that are flexible for all budgets and can satisfy your family members, friends, and colleagues. Here’s a list of products and brands to add to your Diwali gift shopping list right away.

Nuts, chocolate, snacks & dried fruits

  • With Love, Gretel Sprouted Superfoods: Get sprouted and snack smarter this Diwali festival with a range of nutritious and delicious nuts from With Love, Gretel. 
  • Bruneus Organic Activated Nuts & Cacao Nibs Clusters: High in fiber, protein, and healthy fats, nuts are always a good choice for you to celebrate a full holiday without ruining your diet plan.
  • Krakakoa Focaccia Chocolate Bark & Marou Chocolate Bar: Who doesn’t have at least one friend who is a true chocoholic? These two brands are just a perfect choice to make sure your recipients this Diwali are well stocked up with their favorite chocolate goodies.
  • Lecka Energy Bar: Delicious fruit flavors coupled with healthy nuts in one convenient bite? Yes, please.
  • SPRICE Brown Rice Crisps: Fresh, crispy, made with 100% organic whole grain rice, and just 100 calories. Well, if it’s not super snacking then we don’t know what it is 😉 
  • Confetti Veggie Chips: If you adore a wildly crunchy chip, Confetti is the brand to go for. These veggie chips are just darn addictive on their very own.
  • NAKED Organic Dried Fruits: You can never go wrong with these organic and yummy dried fruits — figs, apricots, strawberries & cranberries — which should make just about anyone happy.

Candles, Flowers & Clay Diyas

Jolly Dried Bouquet

When it comes to celebrations and festivals, candles, clay diyas and flowers make a perfect gift as they can evoke all the senses and come in beautiful packaging. Spark joy and light ‘em up this Diwali celebration for those true scent lovers in your life with these great ideas:

  • To Be Calm Mini Soy Wax Candle: Clean, fresh, and hits all the right gentle, nostalgic notes, you’ll want to light these candles every day this Diwali and the whole winter.
  • Set of 2 Clay Diyas: Get a set of 2 beautiful handmade clay diyas to accompany your gift box. It's the perfect way to infuse the festival with light and tradition
  • Jolly Dried Bouquet: Let this charming bouquet be your way of sharing love and happiness on this auspicious festival.

A little reminder: Diwali gift box at GiftGood can be easily ordered online and comes with free same-day delivery when you spend $80 or more in a single order. You can also add multiple Diwali gift sets to your cart when shopping for different people at the same delivery location — perfect to get giftings for all of your favorite neighbors or co-workers.

#3 Other thoughtful Diwali gifts in Singapore to check out

If you’re still on the hunt for other gifting options this Diwali, consider the following thoughtful picks and you’re sure to get a winning present:

Purple & Pure plantable crackers

Source: Purple & Pure

Go green this Diwali, grow your crackers, and have fun! It’s time for a Diwali rethink on how to celebrate the festival with caution. These seed bombs from Purple & Pure contain different seeds that can be grown in a planter/ garden and are just perfect to replace the polluted traditional crackers.

Fresh flowers

We all have at least one flower enthusiast in our lives. Check out these Top 5 pocket-friendly fresh flower delivery services in Singapore for a Diwali gift that will delight even the most ardent of flower fans. 

Bowls, vases, and other home decor items

Source: Photophactory & Hacienda Blue

A lot of people seem to never truly finish decorating their houses, which makes homewares and home decor items perfect for any festive presents. Hacienda Blue and Photophactory can offer you a range of unique and beautifully designed bowls, vases, and other homewares to add an extra spark to your loved ones’ Diwali celebration this year.

Artisanal spices

Source: Anthony The Spice Maker & Indian Spice Box

Need more ideas for unique, practical, and thoughtful Diwali gifts? How about an artisanal spice gift box — ready to spice up the day (and their Diwali celebration meals too!)? Check out Anthony The Spice Maker or Indian Spice Box for fabulous spice gift sets!

It’s time to celebrate the Festival of Lights in Style!

Let’s light up the Diwali holiday with the above unique presents and get everyone feeling festive this year. 

And if you need help with Diwali gift home delivery for more than 10 recipients, please contact our Corporate Gift Concierge at for assistance.

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