Celebrating Female Entrepreneurs Around Asia

Started in 2022, this fabulous & growing directory of Asia-based female founders is our nascent attempt to shine lights on amazing female entrepreneurs in our network, their work, and the positive impact their businesses bring to the community around them & the planet.

Superwomen on GiftGood

Get to know directly from female founders and leaders about their business and concrete actions you can do to support them. Because support is a verb! 💪🏻💪🏻

  • Angeline, Founder, Superlative Foods

    It is our commitment to use the latest technology and scientific principles and bring affordable organic food to the masses, creating opportunities for more people to eat better, more sustainably with less negative impact on the environment.

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  • Cherylynne, Founder, To Be Calm

    Our ethos is to bring fragrance into the lives of many to make a meaningful difference to one's state of mind. We are a very caring company and genuinely believe that fragrance can bring many things, but importantly it can bring a sense of calmness.

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  • Jeannie, Co-founder, GiftGood

    GiftGood is all about being thoughtful. From featuring only good brands to enabling you to pick exactly what you or your loved ones like, we hope to deliver happiness in a way that shows love and care.

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  • Lynsey, Founder, Handmade Heroes

    Clean and natural, Handmade Heroes makes skincare with the finest natural ingredients, as how all skincare should be made. Handmade Heroes is a home grown Singaporean brand and is halal, sustainable and is cruelty free vegan

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  • Minnie, Co-founder, GiftGood

    When it comes to gifting, people often focus too much on 'impress' and forget to 'delight'. I hope GiftGood will always deliver delightful surprises to you and your loved ones, and create lasting memories you are fond of.

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  • Sabrina, co-founder of Krakakoa

    Sabrina, Co-founder, Krakakoa

    Krakakoa is a farm-to-bar Indonesia’s craft chocolate and impact enterprise. Our chocolate is all grown organically without any chemical spray. We buy directly from smallholder farmers with price premiums, promote better farming techniques, and provide stable wages for women workers.

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  • Hildra, Founder, OASIS:

    OASIS: believes in putting freshness back into bath and skincare where we handcraft all our products using only nourishing vegan and organic ingredients — right out of our Beauty Kitchen in Singapore 🇸🇬!

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  • Radhika, Founder, Left Handesign

    We create unique plantable stationery that creates less waste to zero waste. Inspiration for us has always been Nature and how we could incorporate that into our daily lives was the main mission.

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  • Yumika, Founder, Peco Bag

    Peco Bag is on the mission to help people change a habit so they can change the world. By offering a convenient, stylish and reusable bag made from recycled bottles, we are here to be part of the change and as a company, embody sustainability and thoughtfulness across all areas of production from start to finish.

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Superwomen beyond GiftGood

We believe in making an impact by supporting women-led businesses beyond GiftGood direct network. In the first feature, we also feature our friends who are growing their businesses in Asia. We hope this list will grow to include more women-led businesses you support and nominate.

  • Amy, Founder, Batik Boutique

    Batik Boutique is a social enterprise created to disrupt the cycle of poverty in Malaysia. We empower artisans from marginalised communities to produce fair fashion, home goods and accessories made from a traditional fabric called batik Malaysia for a global market. To date, we have worked with over 300 artisans and impacted the lives of more than 1,500 local beneficiaries. 

    How to support Batik Boutique:
    Your purchase directly benefits the artisan who handcrafted the products and helps weave change in the lives of their families and communities. Shop online from anywhere in the world!

    Shop online with Batik Boutique 
  • Celina, Founder, Cels Cheesecake Brownies

    We specialise in baking Cheesecake Brownies with chocolate and cheese in every bite, so you'll never have to choose between either. 

    How to support Cel's Cheesecake Brownies:
    Order some bakes for yourself, family, and friends! Perfect for sharing, or just enjoy it all by yourself!. And don't forget to follow us.

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  • Fang Ling & Janette, Co-founders, Disgift

    We source items from all over the world to create a one-stop gift shop for worldwide shopping, with ready stocks available!

    How to support Disgift:
    Think of us when you need a last-minute gift or some retail therapy. Follow us on Instagram for unique gift ideas!

    Follow Disgift on Instagram 
  • Ankita, Founder, Purple & Pure

    Purple & Pure is here to help you on your journey to a zero-waste lifestyle. We pride ourselves on providing products that are socially and ecologically responsible. I believe even the smallest of changes we make every day can have a big impact on our future.

    How to support Purple & Pure:
    Remember to use your reusable bag

    Learn more about Purple & Pure 
  • Charis, Co-founder, Fossa Chocolate

    We focus on sourcing great ingredients and presenting them as interesting flavors.

    How to support Fossa Chocolate:
    You can comment on our social media posts. It can be words of encouragement, a reply to our product, or even a nice hello.

    Comment on Fossa Chocolate Instagram 
  • Nhu, Co-founder, Schola

    We believe deeply in gamifying every aspect of the learning journey, and innovating on the pedagogy, to instill the love of learning in every student. Schola is a Live 1-on-1 and small group, English and Science learning platform for K-8 students.

    How to support Schola:
    Try our program and leave us a review on either Google or Facebook!

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  • Sarah Raman, Founder, Fourth Wellness

    Fourth Wellness is about loving mothers in their fourth trimester and caring for their needs as their bodies heal after giving birth. Our wellness products and gifts aid new mothers in their postpartum recovery and relaxation needs.

    How to support Fourth Wellness:
    Purchase a gift for a Mama you know, tell someone about us, or simply follow us on Instagram @fourthwellness to learn more about how to support women postpartum!

    Gift a new Mama! 
  • Yilina, Co-founder, Fossa Chocolate

    We are not just a chocolate company, but a team of young, curious people who bring our passions and interests from our individual lives and marry them into what we do as a brand.

    How to support Fossa Chocolate:
    If you'd like to show your support and have tried our products before, leave us a review on either on Google or Facebook!

    Review Fossa Chocolate on Facebook 
  • Nominate a women-led business

    Have a women-led business that you admire, support? Nominate them so others will learn about them too.

    How to support a women-led business:
    Because sharing is caring!

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