Best Eco-friendly Gift Ideas That Will Blow Anyone Away

With the holiday season coming up, and as the world faces more environmental problems than ever before, you may be looking for ways to spread the holiday joy without negatively impacting the planet. 

Finding the perfect gift can be quite a difficult task already, even more so when you’re trying to be more environmentally conscious and eco-friendly. Worry not, as you’ve come to the right place. We have compiled a list for all occasions — from sustainable gifts for a greener Christmas, eco-friendly house-warming gifts for your good friend, or a birthday gift for that eco-warrior co-worker.

Whichever the occasion, read on for sustainable gift ideas that would blow their mind from businesses that are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and creating positive environmental impact.

What’s considered a sustainable gift?

First, let's take a moment to define what exactly does it mean for a gift to be “sustainable” or “eco-friendly”? Long story short, they are products that:

  • Can be reused many times
  • Made from recycled, upcycled, or organic materials
  • Are committed to eliminating the use of plastic
  • Their production process does not use much fossil fuel
  • No wildlife was harmed in the making of them

List of recommended sustainable & eco-friendly gifts

#1 Peco Bag Recycled Bags

Source: Peco Bag

Peco Bag’s Foldable Reusable Bag is meant to inspire lifestyle change against single-use plastics cheekily and conveniently. Each bag, made from 7 recycled bottles, is a perfect everyday gift as it looks both stylish for casual hangouts and is extremely durable for grocery shopping. In addition, each bag is also handmade with love by Peco Bag’s production partner — a social enterprise that supports marginalized people in Nepal.

#2 Dòng Dòng Sài Gòn Upcycled Bags & Travel Accessories

Source: Dòng Dòng Sài Gòn

Wandering on the streets of Ho Chi Minh City and you’ll probably come across one of Dòng Dòng Sài Gòn’s fun, youthful bags. Playfully named Dòng Dòng — which means ‘go around' in the Southern Vietnamese accent, this up-and-coming women-led startup is on a mission to upcycle tarps from awnings and truck covers into trendy accessories, totes, and backpacks. Harmoniously combining aesthetics, practicality, and eco-friendliness, your friend and the planet will thank you for this gift.

#3 Left-Handesign Plantable Stationery

Source: left-handesign

left-handesign makes stylish, eco-friendly plantable stationery that helps people adopt a greener lifestyle while putting nature back into people's lives. left-handesign's BĪJ collection means 'Seed' in Sanskrit — featuring beautifully designed Pens, Pencils, Notebooks, and other paper products that are seeded. Hence, when the products come to the end of life, you can give a new life by planting them and eliminating waste in the process. These make lovely gifts for all seasons and occasions.

#4 Lecka Energy Bars

Source: Lecka

On the outside, Lecka's packaging is 100% biodegradable and home-compostable, while on the inside, every ingredient in the bar itself is organic. With the taste of Vietnamese tropical fruits in every bite, Lecka Energy Bars present a bundle of joy, health, and eco-friendliness.  

#5 Marou Chocolate

Source: Marou

Vietnam may not come to your mind when you think about chocolate. But it’s time to change your mind with Marou Chocolate. Comes with a variety of diverse flavors that represent different regions in Vietnam, Marou Chocolate will make the perfect Christmas gift, as well as year-round gifting. Taste aside, Marou Chocolate is on our radar for its local job-creation initiatives for farmers and local communities, sustainable farming practices, and deforestation efforts. 

#6 Krakakoa Chocolate

Source: Krakakoa

Another contender for chocolate lovers is Krakakoa — the Indonesian women-led impact enterprise that brings us delicious beans-to-bars. In making their chocolate and chocolate snacks, Krakakoa works closely with local communities to source quality cacao beans, promote sustainable farming methods, and provide stable-income jobs for women.

#7 Honey In The Garden

Source: The Honey Colony

If you want a gift that packs some buzz, you've got to try Honey In The Garden’s premium honey. With the commitment to bringing honey straight from the blossoms to the bees to the pantry, Honey In The Garden's products would surely make great-tasting sustainable gifts. The team at Honey In The Garden makes sure to practice sustainable farming and beekeeping, as the population of bees is essential to the ecosystem.

#8 Honey For Life

Source: The Honey Colony

Realizing the importance of bees and the deliciousness of honey, Honey For Life’s honey collection makes a great gift for honey lovers. The company also strives for sustainability by supporting an environmentally-friendly circular packaging system and using only recycled boxes, bubble wrap, and paper in their deliveries.

#9 Oasis: Beauty Kitchen

Source: Oasis: Beauty Kitchen

Oasis: Beauty Kitchen is a homegrown Singaporean brand that makes fresh, organic, and low-waste daily care products. Their range of pampering treats — from solid shampoos to lip butter and room-and-linen mist — are just the right gifts for those who need a little TLC me-time. 

#10 Purple & Pure Upcycled Incense Sticks

Source: Purple & Pure

Not content with just helping the environment, Purple & Pure wants to also help the community. The Incense Sticks — made from upcycled waste flowers and 100% natural essential oils — are hand-rolled by specially-abled and rural women. Not only will these incense sticks make a great sustainable gift for your loved ones, but also gives you the peace of mind that you’re giving back to the community. 

#11 Hook Coffee

Source: Hook Coffee & GiftGood

Looking to give a colleague a pick-me-up? Hook Coffee’s DripCoffee Bag series is here to save the day — and the planet. A home-grown brand founded by two Singaporeans, Hook Coffee has a range of specialty coffee that is affordable and convenient, taking you only 3 minutes to brew a strong, tasty cup of coffee. What is impressive is their mission to ethically produced and sustainably grown beans, in which their partner farmers receive a bigger share of the final retail value.

#12 Sachi Soy Wine

Source: Sachi Soy Wine

As the world’s first soy wine that is made in Singapore, Sachi’s product poses heaps of health benefits along with a ton of benefits to the environment. After years of development, the geniuses at Sachi have come up with a way to upcycle unused soybeans into a delicious alcoholic beverage. The sustainability doesn’t stop there — soy wine also requires no additional water in its fermentation process, saving tons of water. Offered as an alternative to beer and conventional wine, Sachi Soy Wine could be the gateway to a more environmentally-friendly alcohol industry.

#13 The Uncommon Wine

Source: The Uncommon

The holiday just isn’t the same without some sparkling wine, and if you and your partner are looking for something more eco-friendly — be sure to check out The Uncommon. The Uncommon is a sustainable sparkling winemaker from the UK that puts the climate first in their winemaking — from their local production and conservation to the fully recyclable cans and the carbon-positive canning process. A good drink with a good cause, what’s not to love?

Ready to gift sustainably?

It’s high time we give back to Mother Nature. Even small changes in our life will make a big impact if everyone works together. So what are you waiting for? Start with being a more mindful shopper.

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