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PRISECCO Non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine - Apple & Rose on Mint

PRISECCO Non-alcoholic Sparkling Wine - Apple & Rose on Mint

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Alcohol-free wine without added sugar, preservatives and sulphites. Suitable for all including pregnant women and children.

Boskoop apple, rose petals and chocolate mint were added to bring freshness and balance to the nose. Delicate berries slide into the middle note and add the strong rose aroma.

Aroma: Fresh apple fruit paired with the delicate scent of raspberry and an intense bouquet of rose.

Taste: Fruity and light, raspberry and blackberry with a fresh sweet-sour interplay, garden mint and spices grant stability to this PriSecco and result in a long fruity, fragrant finish.

Pairing: On its own as a festive aperitif or with fresh berries and herb ice cream.

Ingredients: Jakob Fischer Heritage Meadow Fruit Apple, Raspberry, Blackberry, Rose Water And Petals, Chocolate Mint, Spices

Dietary: This product is alcohol-free, gluten-free, Muslim-friendly, and suitable for vegetarians.

Brand: PRISECCO (part of Superlative Foods family)

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