What’s New On GiftGood (Sep 2022)

What’s New On GiftGood (Sep 2022)

September comes ushering in, leaving us with excitement and hopefulness. With the major announcements of no-mask required & the 377A repealed, we’re left with a sense of content that Singapore is taking meaningful steps toward a better, harmonious future. 

At GiftGood HQ, though at a smaller scale, we’ve also got many new things coming up this month that we are super excited to share with you. If you need a summary of the gifting occasions not to miss for the month, scroll down to the end for our cheat sheet.

September 2022: New Arrivals

Expect the new arrivals of up-and-coming brands from Singapore, France & Vietnam – making building your own gift box more fun and exciting. 

Cresc Bites

Technically speaking, Cresc Bites hit our store in late August. However, without a proper introduction yet, we wanted to shine some well-deserved light on this brand-new local snack brand. Cresc Bites offers delicious, Halal-certified, gluten-free & vegan-friendly coconut chips and sweet potato chips. 

We’ve tried them all and we must say — you will not disappoint. Our favourites? 

Cresc Bites Sweet & Spicy Sweet Potato Chips for spicy snack lovers and Salted Caramel Coconut Chips for those who have a sweet tooth. 

Dan’s Bites

Dan’s Bites is another new local snack brand we’ve welcomed onboard this September. Dan’s Bites makes Singapore’s 1st Brownie Crisp with real chocolate. Their brownie crisp is Halal-certified and oh-so-tasty-certified. 

Don’t take our word for it — give them a try in your next gift box and let the recipient raves about these brownie bites. If your recipient is a dark chocolate lover, make sure to send Dan’s Bites' signature Dark Chocolate Brownie Crisp. 

Oasis: Beauty Kitchen

Up-and-coming homegrown Oasis: Beauty Kitchen is the one we’ve been waiting for. Well-known for their low-waste, organic & fresh ingredients, we are excited for you to check out Oasis: range of pampering & products including Solid Shampoo, Linen Spray, Mozzie Spray, Lip Butter, Soap Dish & Soap Box. 

If you’re new to Solid Shampoo, don’t worry much as your recipient will absolutely love these freshly made products that are kind to their scalp and hair. Our favourite? We can’t decide between Ash Solid Shampoo and Blue Pea Lemongrass Solid Shampoo :)

Fer A Cheval

Fer A Cheval was founded in 1856 in Marseille and is the oldest and one of the very last remaining soap factories in France that continues to produce traditional Marseille soap. The soap is saponified exclusively in cauldrons using the traditional Marseille method.

In this first drop, we’ve brought onboard Fer A Cheval scented soap bars in full size (125g) as well as the adorable candy format (25g). You will also find Fer A Cheval scented hand cream options among the choices available on Build Your Good Box. 

Comes in pastel packaging and sweet price points, you now have more choices to build your own pampering gift set for that special someone. 

Lecka (Coming soon)

In just a couple of days, you’ll get the chance to try Lecka, the Vietnam-based snack startup that recently made waves on Singapore shores.

Deliciously all-natural Asian ingredients and sustainably packaged, Lecka energy bars are perfect gifts for fitness enthusiasts and sustainable warriors. Our favourite? Mango Coconut Energy Bar brings out the best of tropical flavours. Yummy!

Fun fact: Lecka is probably the first certified B-Corp in Vietnam. 

When: Expect these delicious, healthy energy bars in Build Your Gift Box selection from 12 September 2022.

Dòng Dòng Sài Gòn (Coming soon)

Dòng Dòng Sài Gòn is a Ho Chi Minh City-based, a women-led startup that makes fun, colourful, functional bags and accessories from recycled awnings and truck tarps. Individually handmade from reclaimed awnings and tarps, expect unique waterproof bags and other accessories that are travel-friendly and Ingrammable. 

Dòng Dòng products — toiletry bags, wallets, travel tags, and fanny packs — will make a perfect gift for your partner or good friends who love travelling and all things sustainable. 

Fun facts: Dòng Dòng, in the Saigonese accent, means “go around" – which is so fitting for bags and travel accessories. It is also a great way to honour the process behind making recycled bags and giving a new life to the everyday materials that would otherwise go to landfills.

When: Expect these cool kids to hit the store from 26 September 2022.

Revamped Curated Gift Collection

Some of you are swamped with work and personal responsibilities and don’t have the time to build your own gift box. With the little time you can set aside to delight and surprise your loved ones, you want to still be able to pick great gifts and hit send in just a few clicks.

We hear you. We’ve revamped our ready-to-order curated gift collection with more choices for all life’s occasions. While there is still work to be done, and more options to be added down the road, we hope you enjoy the new Curated Gift Collection — featuring new gift sets such as Housewarming, Be My Bridesmaid, and Desk Essentials. 

September’s Gifting Occasions

Stay on top of your gifting game in this September’s summary of gifting occasions and special dates you shouldn’t miss. Happy gifting!

  • 02 September 2022: Singapore Teacher’s Day — don’t forget to celebrate teachers and educators around us. A gesture of gratitude goes a long way. Check out our Teacher's Day Gift Guides for ideas on what to gift your teachers this year.
  • 10 September 2022: Mid Autumn Festival — Have you got your mooncake gifting for business partners sorted out?
  • 17 September 2022: Oktoberfest — Need a reason to celebrate the party-lover(s) in your life? Send them a Happy Hour gift set from wherever you’re.
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