What’s new on GiftGood (Oct 2022)

What’s new on GiftGood (Oct 2022)

Rains falling, trees turning reddish, and all you can think about is ushering in the cooler weather and living your best life for those glorious 31 days of October. Here at GiftGood, we’ve also got in the mood for October with some new arrivals from our favorite brand partners that we are more than happy to share with you.

Besides, when you think of October, Halloween might be the first thing that comes to mind, but don’t be fooled into thinking that it’s the only October holiday that’s worth celebrating. Scroll down to the end for a list of remarkable dates in October, so you won’t miss a thing.

New Arrivals in October 2022

Sustainable luxury is just a click away: The expansion of our eco-friendly gift selection

The holiday season might be an extremely challenging time of year for any sustainability-minded person, as traditional gifting can be super wasteful with all the wrapping paper and single-use shopping bags that are sure to fill up your home. This October, opt for these new thoughtful sustainable goodies at GiftGood, which is guaranteed to have you being kinder to the environment and double the joy of gift shopping.

  • Peco Bag Foldable Reusable Bag: Made from 7 recycled bottles with a durable fabrication, coming in different fun colors and patterns, holding up to 10kgs and designed to easily fold into a mini bag, these bags are great for carrying on grocery runs to help eliminate plastic bag use or serving as your favorite day to day bag. 
  • Left-Handesign plantable stationery (coming soon on 24 October): Planting your used pencil into a herb? Planting your ushed pen into a herb? Planting your used notebook into a herd? Yes, yes, and yes! How cool is it that you can write until it lasts, plant it, nurture it, and watch it grow? Give your study or office stationery an eco-friendly makeover with a series of sustainable sets by Left-Handesign including beautifully designed notebooks, pens, pencils, envelopes, and note cards that can be planted into herbs like Tomato, Daisy, Wildflowers, Chilli, or Basil once they the product is used up. 

Need more eco-friendly gift ideas? Browse the full list of the best eco-friendly, sustainable gifts on GiftGood.

The holidays are upon us: Holiday-ready products from our existing brand partners

The holiday shopping season has begun, and it makes a lot of sense to shop for the best holiday gifts early this year so that you don’t have to spend all your hard-earned money all at once scouring for what’s left in stock. Check out these top picks for holiday-ready gifts from our brand partners this October:

  • To Be Calm Celebrate Candles: Honestly, you will never risk disappointment when a gorgeous candle is inside the gift box for any situation. The only problem (if any) is that there are too many good options out there to narrow it down. For the holiday season of 2022, we're excited to welcome To Be Calm’s two new fresh and uplifting mini soy candles — one in red, one in green — which are about to make your festive celebrations look, smell, feel and sound so much better. 
  • Parker Jotter Special Red Ballpoint Pen: Red has always been the holiday’s go-to color, hasn’t it? Unique, stylish, and practical with stunning design and packaging, this Parker Pen, which is offered by a world-class pen manufacturer, will make a perfect holiday gift for your boss, employee, or colleague this year.
  • Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover A5 Notebook in Red: I know it’s 2022 and everyone has been going digital already, but don’t we all have at least one notebook enthusiast who always prefers writing it all down? Help those on your list stay on track this holiday with this charming Notebook by LEUCHTTURM — a company known for over 100 years of outstanding quality and superb attention to detail regarding stationery products. 
  • Krakakoa Cinnamon Dark Milk Chocolate: What says it’s the holiday season more than a box of chocolates? Some may consider it boring or predictable for a holiday gift, but does a bar of dark milk chocolate that is a blend of sweetness and spicy indulgence of fragrant cinnamon ever get old? 

More affordable, mini-sized products

  • Hip Chocolate Oat Milk Chocolate Mini Bars: Nothing beats cozying up on the couch with chocolate bars and a hot beverage in the fall season. Made with the finest cocoa from Colombia, this product is vegan-friendly, creamy, and dairy-free, and comes in a super cute mini size this October. And did we mention that it’s also delicious and guaranteed to delight any chocolate lovers?
  • Oasis: Room & Linen Mist in Travel Size (10ml): With Covid-19 restrictions being lifted globally, likely, your favorite humans are excitedly planning for their year-end adventures at this very moment. These travel-sized room-linen mists from Oasis: will come in handy for their adventure — portable, uplifting, and calming — so they can truly feel at home no matter where they go. 

A new experience on Build Your Gift Box in October 2022

This upgrade is for you if you are a visual gift sender like Minnie from our sourcing team. Your shopping experience this fall on Gift Good is getting a super cool upgrade. Build Your Gift Box has a new product listing order based on colors, making it easier than ever to create color-coded gift sets for your friends, family, and co-workers. 

Whether you’re looking for a red-themed gift basket for Christmas or a series of green and blue products for your boss/boyfriend, you can easily navigate and select your preferred colors on one single product page. Let’s color up your shopping experience in Build Your Gift Box!

October’s Gifting Occasions

Here are some great gift-giving holidays you don’t want to miss this Fall. Mark these dates on your calendar right now and make October the month of fun gifting and showering love!

Diwali, also known as Deepavali (21 October to 25 October):

The Festival of Lights is all about doubling joy by sharing and gifting your loved ones. Check out our Diwali gift delivery ideas for a perfect list of surprises for your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors next door.

Halloween (31 October):

Well, it is the Spooky Season after all! Customize fun Halloween gift sets with lovely treats with our Build Your Good Box. Plus, you can now build gift baskets in the colors of your choice to add a unique flair to this special day.

Holiday corporate gifting season:

Business is all about fostering authentic relationships, and thoughtful year-end gifts go a long way in letting your employees and clients know they mean a lot more than dollar signs. As 2022 is reaching its end, make sure you plan early to enjoy special corporate gifting promotion. Check out our Corporate Gifting solution or contact our gift concierge at corporate@shopgiftgood.com ffor assistance. We are thrilled to help you make your employees and partners feel truly appreciated.


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