Christmas Gifts for Him

22 cool Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life

It doesn’t take a group of skilled writers to tell you that finding an ideal Christmas gift for your man is a daunting task that requires a good bit of imagination, especially when some may seem to already have all the items on your shopping list. 

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled a good list of Christmas gift ideas for men that is sure to remove all the serious guesswork for you. No matter what type of man you’re shopping for this Christmas, you’ll find something here that will actually impress him. We also cover a wide range of prices, so whether you’re on a tight budget or willing to splurge for the man in your life, we dare to assume that you’ll be able to spot the perfect Christmas gift ideas for him when you see them. 

Christmas gifts for the foodie colleague

Yummy Yuletide Gift Box by GiftGood

Is there a stronger bond than the one built around a shared love for delicious food? Here’s a list of tasty Christmas gifts for him who is that food-loving colleague in your life, whether he is a professional chef, an ambitious home baker, a self-proclaimed restaurant critic, or just genuinely loves to chow down.

Christmas Gift Sets 

  • Cheers To The Best Mate: Chocolate, truffle chips and a glass of cold wine will be the great combination to toast to your best male friend this Christmas!
  • Yummy Yuletide: From indulgent chocolates to unique snacks, these gifts are sure to delight any food lover.
  • Festive Gourmet Delight (Halah): For men who enjoy indulging in unique treats and follow a Halal diet or prefer vegetarian options, this gift box can give them a wonderful Christmas.
  • Eco Hot Cocoa Delight: 100% eco-friendly and ethically sourced, this combination of chocolate, cacao and coffee is the best answer for men who are enthusiastic about the mild bitter taste.

Christmas Gift Items 

  • Aroma Truffle Black Truffle Popcorn: Including the exquisite flavor of black truffles with perfectly popped popcorn, it is the best Christmas gift for truffle lovers.
  • Serious Double Chocolate Cookies: If you include this delicious treat in your Christmas present to your favorite sugar junkie, you might seriously become his new favorite person. 
  • IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin: This is a perfect Christmas gift for the food lover in your life who’s always into spicing things up. Fried fish skin crisps seasoned with real salted egg, curry leaves, and red chili peppers create a multi-sensory flavour profile that’s going to elevate his snacking game this holiday season.
  • SPRICE Organic Brown Rice Crisps: Made with 100% organic whole grain rice without any additives and preservatives, this super snack by SPRICE tastes as good as it looks. Just the right Christmas snack that a serious foodie would keep on his desk if he craves some healthy snacks during a busy work day. 
  • Krakakoa Chocolate Bark: How about a collection of mouth-watering blends of chocolate and crunchy breadcrumbs? It will light up his taste buds in minutes in between meetings. 
  • The Uncommon Bubbly White Wine: Bright, refreshing, and low in sugar level, this is a thoughtful treat for the man who loves a fine sip as soon as he gets home from a hard-working day. 

Christmas gifts for Mr. Workaholic

Christmas Gifts for Male Colleague in Singapore

We all have a man in our life who regularly cancels last minute, citing urgent work obligations or late hours at the office. You could always treat him to a fun workshop or getaway this holiday, but sometimes you just know he’s not gonna stop checking emails every 10 minutes. In that case, why not give this busy bee a Christmas gift box filled with practical gifts, that will make his work easier, more efficient, more enjoyable, and speed him up on the journey to success?

Christmas Gift Sets

  • New Chapter Gift Box: A tiny superhero that keeps his personal belongings safe? A sustainable cup with serious style, your mate will look like a coffee connoisseur? And a hexagon coaster will protect his surfaces in style? It's the perfect blend of cool, practicality, and sustainability, making sure he's the classiest person.
  • Sage Gift Box: Do you want to impress your male colleague? This carefully picked selection of desk accessories is certain to add some real flare and flair to his workstation.
  • Hustle Gift Box: The best offering for the busy bee is something that turbocharges his productivity, making work easier, more efficient, and even enjoyable: the high-quality notebook to jot down his brilliant ideas, a classic Parker Pen for writing experience and a travel mug, ensuring he starts every day off on the right foot.
  • Inspire Gift Box: As it is stocked with a range of must-have items for use throughout the workday, this present is guaranteed to inspire his creativity and keep his enthusiasm rising.

Christmas Gift Items 

  • Hook Coffee Drip Coffee Bag: Is he a coffee addict? Then he will love this range of drip coffee bags from Hook Coffee, which is made of sustainably produced and roasted-to-perfection beans without any additional flavorings or sugars. 
  • Gryphon Tea: Sipping a cup of delightful tea from Gryphon can help his inner warrior get over that 3PM slump in the office and feel refreshed without crashing too hard from too little caffeine. 
  • Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover A5 Notebook: Who wouldn’t appreciate having a nice place to scribble down those brilliant thoughts? This collection of notebooks by Leuchtturm1917, featuring 251 pages of high-quality, durable paper, in 5 different colors, makes a thoughtful Christmas gift for the dedicated writer in your life. 
  • Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen: What’s the perfect pairing for the Leuchtturm1917 notebook you ask? An oldie but goodie Parker ballpoint pen it is. This pairing will not disappoint him this holiday season.
  • To Be Calm Focus Aromatherapy Roller Ball: This is a thoughtful Christmas gift for him whose mind is overwhelmed with all the year-end deadlines approaching. Keep him concentrated and motivated with this refreshing blend and let him know that you really care. 

Price: $112.20 (Build Your Gift Box)

Christmas gifts for the adventurous friend

Eco Travel Gift Box by GiftGood

If you’re looking for a unique Christmas gift hamper for a man who loves traveling and getting close to nature, here’s a list of adventure-worthy goodies to encourage him to seek new experiences in the new year ahead.

Christmas Gift Sets

  • Eco Travel Pouch: With this thoughtful gift box, you can show the special man how much you love him for caring about the smallest things in life. This is the perfect set of wellness products that can help your loved one calm and relax throughout the day.
  • Eco Wander Gift Box: Designed to cater to his travel needs while adding a touch of style and sustainability, it includes an eco-friendly bag, luggage tag and a sleek bottle. Whether he's an avid traveler or a frequent adventurer, this gift box is sure to impress.

Christmas Gift Items

  • Dong Dong Sai Gon Toiletry Bag: If he’s all about organising and packing neatly every time he’s on the go, this waterproof recycled toiletry bag will be his new travel buddy. 
  • Dong Dong Sai Gon Travel Tag: It may look small and simple, but these tags definitely come in handy for every frequent traveler. An easy win as a Christmas gift.
  • Oasis Room and Linen Mist: Made of plant-based alcohol and clean fragrances, this can make a considerate Christmas gift for the laid-back guy who wants his room, bedding, and clothes to smell fancy while traveling. 
  • Oasis Travel Soap Box: If he’s a professional adventurer, he must have his own favourite soaps packed everywhere he goes. A must-have for him would be this durable soap box that is guaranteed to keep everything dry and clean all the time. 
  • Carter Move Mug: Designed with a snap-in splash guard and inner ceramic coating to keep drinks hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours, this mug will be his number one pick for storing beverages on the go and his favorite Christmas gift this year. 
  • To Be Calm Jet Lag Roller Ball: For the man who’s constantly traveling overseas from one time zone to another, he’ll need something that can bring a burst of energy and fight off the brain fog after a long-haul flight, and this roller ball from To Be Calm is a perfect choice to do the trick. 

Price: S$172.90 (Build Your Gift Box)

Christmas gifts for the green-loving husband

The Green Capsule Plant

If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for your environmentally conscious husband, we have some fantastic options that will surely warm his eco-friendly heart.

  • Eco Trio Gift Box: Looking for a Christmas Gift for the adventurous and eco-conscious friend? This is the best idea for you: an Upcycled Wallet, an Upcycled Toiletry Bag and a Carter Move Mug. These products will be the perfect companions for his daily commute or outdoor activities.
  • Festive Plants by The Green Capsule: Featuring a carefully curated assortment of vibrant, lush plants that will not only brighten your space but also infuse it with the magic of the holidays, it's a delightful way to support his love for nature. 

Christmas gifts for the gym fanatic boyfriend

Christmas Gifts for Male Friend

Got a guy with a rigorous workout routine in the house? Don’t worry, you’ll find something on the list below that he’ll appreciate, whether he’s a professional cyclist, a marathon runner, or a total gym junkie. 

  • Rise & Shine Gift Box: A cool water bottle to allow him stay hydrated, delicious protein-packed snacks to keep him energised pre or post-workout - he will have everything he needs with this gift box.
  • Lecka Energy Bars: Whether for the sake of his quest for perfection or just an ego boost, these energy bars will ensure that his workout is paying off. Made of healthy nuts paired with fruity flavors, they are promised to deliver just what your man needs to excel in any exercise endeavor. 
  • To Be Calm Energise Body Wash: Is he often lost when picking out skincare products? After all, men deserve clean and smooth skin, too. He’ll find the body wash by To Be Calm a worthy Christmas gift to freshen up after a hard-core workout. 
  • SoL Bottle: A regular gym goer may live without a smartwatch or wireless sweatproof earbuds, but a quality water bottle is always a go-to workout essential he needs to put into the gym bag every single time. SoL Bottle is elegantly made from hand-blown glass with a silicone sleeve and bamboo cap, and it’s an ideal gift to keep him hydrated from the gym to any work meeting. 

Not another pair of socks! Try a unique Christmas gift box that he’ll actually like

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May your holiday sparkle with joy!

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