Your Go-To Housewarming Gift Guide: 22 Ideas For Every Nest

Your Go-To Housewarming Gift Guide: 22 Ideas For Every Nest

Setting foot in a new home is always a big deal. Whether your loved one has just got their dream home in the neighbourhood, is embarking on a cross-country move with family, or simply signing a new lease, it’s a joyous moment that calls for celebration. After all, moving is tough, so the generosity of thoughtful housewarming gifts from friends and family will make the process a lot more enjoyable.

What to buy for housewarming gift?

The last thing a housewarming gift should be is something merely adding to the unpacking mayhem. Instead, you should go for something useful for their space, a culinary delight to make their kitchen feel like home, or a decorative piece that adds a personal touch. Think about a set of stylish bowls and cups or a jar of premium honey to bring joy to the new kitchen, some luxurious self-care goodies transforming their bathroom into a retreat, or a potted plant bringing a breath of fresh air to their space.

How much to spend on a housewarming gift?

The price tag on a housewarming gift matters less than the thought behind it. There's no one-size-fits-all answer to how much to spend, but a budget-friendly range of $50 to $70 may be appropriate for acquaintances and not-so-close colleagues, while stretching your budget a bit to the $70 to $100+ range can work for those near and dear to you.

The art? Finding that sweet spot where your budget meets the thoughtfulness of your gesture. If you don’t know where to start, check out the following dozens of incredible and affordable housewarming gift ideas that are bound to be a hit - no matter who you’re shopping for.

Housewarming Gift Sets That Turn Houses Into Homes

Good Times Gift Box

Homes come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our housewarming gift sets. No matter the style of the nest you're feathering, these gift sets are here to add a dash of charm and a sprinkle of warmth. 

#1 Good Times Gift Box: Packed with a selection of fine wines, artisanal sauces, and delicious honey, it’s the ideal housewarming present that promises to keep the good times rolling.

#2 The Connoisseur’s Set with 2 Whiskey Crystal Twist Glasses: When housewarming just got a whole lot swankier! Featuring R.O.C.K.S' whiskey stones and 2 stunning twist crystal glasses, this sophisticated gift set is the perfect addition to any new home where the love for whiskey and refined taste collide.

#3 Blissful Luxury Gift Box: From soothing oils to calming candle scents and pampering essentials, this housewarming gift will ensure that coming back home isn't just a routine; it's a blissful retreat to serenity.

#4 Premium Australian Honey Gift Set: A housewarming treat that adds flavour and a touch of wellness to their kitchen - why not?

#5 Date Night Gift Box: Packed with wine, decadent chocolates, and truffle-infused delights, this gift is perfect for those cosy first nights in the new home where the couples will create memories to be cherished.

#6 Foodie Pawrents Gift Box: These unique squeaky chew toys and bell toys are just A charming and thoughtful way for the whole family, including the furry members, to embrace their new home.

#7 Heritage Gift Box: A housewarming gift filled with the rich aroma of botanical coffee and the nostalgia of classic mugs – because every new home deserves a taste of tradition.

Customised Housewarming Gift

You can always build a housewarming gift box as unique as your bond with these selected picks. Don't forget to add a custom photo frame and a personal message for that extra dose of thoughtfulness.

Build Your GiftGood Box: Housewarming Gifts To Delight The New Kitchen

Stojo Pocket Cup & Collapsible Bowl

(Source: Stojo)

#8 Aroma Black Truffle Paté: Perfect for spreading on morning toast, enhancing pasta dishes, or elevating your cheese platter - it’s like a nice welcome to a new era in their new kitchen.

#9 Aroma White Truffle Oil: We bet nothing is capable of elevating the joy of cooking in a new kitchen more than the world’s strongest truffle oil.

#10 Aroma Spoleto Truffle Dipping Sauce: Adding an elegant touch to every dish, this dipping sauce is promised to spice up dinners at their new home.

#11 Honey In The Garden Honey: A new kitchen isn't truly complete without the golden touch of some honey jars, which make them the perfect housewarming gift for every home.

#12 Amie Wine: Whether it's a red, white, or rosé kind of day, this collection of vegan wines is the perfect addition to your new home's bar.

#13 Stojo Collapsible Bowl & Pocket Cup: Say goodbye to clutter in style! These collapsible bowls and cups look cool, and they can keep the new kitchen effortlessly organised.

#14 Huskee Cup: Stylish and functional, it’s the perfect housewarming addition for their morning coffee rituals in the new home.

#15 Jhoou Studio Coasters: Don't underestimate the power of small details! These handcrafted coasters may be petite, but they can speak volumes about the homeowners' refined taste and lifestyle.

Build Your GiftGood Box: Housewarming Gifts To Transform The Bathroom

To Be Calm Moisturizer & Body Wash

(Source: To Be Calm)

#16 Oasis: Soap Dish: This lightweight and recyclable dish not only cradles your soaps and shampoos stylishly but also ensures a mess-free counter. It may be small, but it's a gift that keeps giving.

#17 Oasis: Solid Shampoo: A bunch of adorable solid shampoos for a fresh start with healthy hair and a cuter-looking space - why not? 

#18 Fer a Cheval Soap Bar: Looking so delectable-looking you might mistake it for candy, it’s a housewarming gift that says, "Indulge in a little sweetness every day."

#19 To Be Calm Moisturiser: With a formula designed for pure relaxation, this is a housewarming essential for pampering the skin and calming the mind whenever they enter their new bathroom.

#20 Handmade Heroes Super Duper Nourishing Body Scrub: Infused with crushed rose petals and sweet almond oils, it’s a perfect addition to their new bathroom for a touch of luxury and pampering!

Build Your GiftGood Box: Housewarming Gifts For A Homier Feel

To Be Calm Essential Oil Diffuser

(Source: To Be Calm)

#21 USB Essential Oil Diffuser: A few drops of essential oil, and voila! This non-heat ultrasonic wonder will spread natural aromas seamlessly, transforming the new home into an instant mood lifter.

#22 Luxury Large Soy Candle: Another housewarming gift that sets the scene for a comforting atmosphere. Coming home is now a pure retreat!

#23 Oasis: Room & Linen Mist: Crafted with clean fragrances and plant-based alcohol, it’s a secret weapon for a fresh and fragrant home.

Bonus: Lush Greenery For A Cosy Housewarming

The Green Capsule Ceramic Plant Pots

(Source: The Green Capsule)

You know what they say, ‘Let the greenery grow and the good times flow’. Whether it's the vibrant hues of Begonias or the elegance of Monsteras, these coloured ceramic plant pots are promised to infuse every corner of the new home with freshness and positivity. 

Heading Over To A Housewarming Party Soon?

Whether you choose a ready-made gift set or decide to build your own, we've got the perfect gift to turn a new house into a home, even at the last minute. And you may find something special for your own home while browsing as well. 

So, time to make that housewarming moment special.

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