Where to buy your Valentine’s Day flowers

Where to buy your Valentine’s Day flowers

As you’re planning to surprise your partner with some lovely flowers this Valentine’s Day, you’re probably asking yourself “What is the best flower for Valentine’s Day?”. While red roses are the most popular flower on Valentine’s Day, it’s not necessarily the best. 

Flower gifting, or gifting in general, should always be recipient-first we believe. What we mean by that is to simply go beyond the “Popular” tag, and think about what they might truly enjoy. On top of that, with red roses being overly used by many florists around the world during Valentine’s Day, it’s no surprise that flower farms can’t keep up with the demand and the quality of red roses during this period are usually not the best. 

With these considerations in mind, why not opt for something other than red roses to celebrate love this year? If you don’t know where to start, here are some inspirations on which flowers beyond red roses to buy this Valentine’s Day and where to buy them in Singapore, read on for our list of 5 unique flower arrangements to surprise your special someone this Valentine’s Day.

#1 Pincushion Protea by Floraison Studio

Serving a medley of vibrant Oncidium Orchids, Cappuccino Roses, Sweet Pink Nerine, and exotic Pincushion is LEA by Floraison Studio. This unique flower arrangement is the perfect Valentine’s Day flower arrangement for the bubbly person who never fails to make you smile. 

Pincushion flower means Strength and Enthusiasm.

Priced at S$179, this beautiful LEA bouquet can be delivered to your loved one’s doorstep with free delivery. 

Order at: www.floraisonstudio.com

#2 Gerbera by Floral Magic 

Making the understated Gerberas the star of the show in this Gerbera En Masse arrangement, Floral Magic truly makes magic happen. These sweet and happy daisy Gerberas are the perfect choice for your high school sweethearts who have been with you through thick and thin.

Gerbera flower means Innocence, Purity, Cheerfulness, and Loyal Love.

Opt for 35 stalks at S$120, or 55 stalks at S$180. The delivery fee is S$15 for normal days and $30 for 13-14 Feb 2022. 

Order at: www.floralmagic.com.sg

#3 Cymbidium Orchid by This Humid House

Serving complex flavours and elegance via Chocolate Cymbidium orchids nestled in a parting of bird's nest fern is COCO by This Humid House. This bouquet is composed in a glass vase and wrapped (and belted) in This Humid House signature packaging. 

Cymbidium Orchid flower means Valued and Respected Friendship.

Priced at $440 and available for delivery from 12 to 14 Feb 2022 with a flat fee delivery of $18 islandwide. 

Order at: www.humidhouse.com

#4 Rainbow Baby’s Breath by Petite Fleur

The flower we commonly call the baby’s breath is also known as Gypsophila, or 满天星 (sky full of stars). With its dreamy hundreds of tiny white flowers, a baby's breath bouquet conveys feelings of adoration & affection in a dreamy & romantic way. 

Baby’s Breath's flower means Eternal Love and Innocence.

Priced at S$119 for Standard size, and S$208 for Premium size, this Baby’s Breath bouquet can be delivered to your loved one’s doorstep with free delivery. 

Order at: www.petitefleursg.com

#5 Arrange your flower vase by Far East Flora Market

Getting flowers delivered through a local florist can be pricey during peak seasons like Valentine’s Day. To keep things more special as well as budget-friendly, a good idea to try out this year is to make your flower vase. 

Head down to Far East Flora Market at 557 Thomson Rd, Singapore 298181, and pick your flowers. No fancy skills are needed, some flowers just simply look good when you buy a few bundles and put them in a vase. Seriously, try this out (if you haven’t done so already)! :)

Flowers that look good together in a bunch, no skills needed: 

  • Tulips: Buy 2-3 bundles (20 - 30 stalks of tulips). Tulips mean perfect and deep love.
  • Matricaria Chamomilla: Buy 1-2 bundles. Chamomile flowers mean peace, poise, and calmness.
  • Lilies: Buy 1-2 bundles (5 - 10 stalks of lilies). Lilies mean love, femininity, and purity.
  • Gerberas: Buy 4-5 bundles (40 - 50 stalks of gerberas). Gerberas mean innocence, purity, cheerfulness, and loyal love.
  • Hydrangeas: Buy 3-5 stalks of hydrangeas. Hydrangeas mean gratitude, grace, and beauty.

If you need a simple guide on how to prep your flowers before putting them in a vase, don’t stress out. Follow these steps:

  • Trim the stems at an angle
  • Remove any leaves that touch the water
  • Put them in a vase with clean water
  • Repeat the steps above every 2 days

And tada, you’ve set for a romantic date at home to surprise your partner!

Bonus: If the short-lived fresh flower bouquet is not what they prefer, DIY your Snack Bouquet this year!

Back to the recipient-first rule, not everyone enjoys fresh flowers. Fret not, you can still surprise them with a snack bouquet instead. Our Snack Bouquet DIY Kit has everything you need to make your own snack bouquets this Valentine’s Day, and is only S$69.90 with free same-day delivery. 

Depending on how you mix and match the snack choices, accompany them with your little fun messages and brighten their day. Here are some of our favourite combos:

  • A snack bouquet with Hook Coffee Drip Coffee Sachets & Krakakoa Creamy Coffee Milk Chocolate that says: “All I need every morning is coffee, and you!”.
  • A snack bouquet with Serious Popcorn, Serious Puffs, and Confetti Veggie Chips that say: “Here’s the question, will you binge ‘Emily in Paris’ this weekend with me?”

As we're wrapping up, we hope you've managed to find the right flowers for Valentine’s Day this year. Remember, Valentine's Day is about having fun together. Don’t get stressed out! :) In case you need more fun inspirations, check out our latest guide on what to write in your Valentine's Day card

May your love bloom this Valentine’s Day, near or far!

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