Support Local, Gift Local Brands

Support Local, Gift Local Brands

Photo credit: Max Oh via Unplash

To celebrate Singapore’s 57th birthday this 09 August 2022, we’ve put together the list of all local brand partners we are featuring on GiftGood.

Calling this little red dot home, we’re amazed everyday by many homegrown entrepreneurs whose courageous entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to create innovative and impactful business are unrivalled. It’s a core part of our mission and vision to leverage our gifting platform to showcase & promote as many local brands as possible.

This year, our list of Support Local, Gift Local features 30 Singaporean brands covering a wide range of products — healthy snacks, artisanal chocolates, tea, coffee, mom & baby products, recycled bags, plantable stationery, candles & fragrances, all-natural body care & skincare, and card games. 

A common theme of many featured local brands and their products is the focus on improving quality of life through quality, innovative products and sustainable practices. 

We’re humbled to be part of their growth journey and we look forward to welcoming more impact-driven Singaporean brands to GiftGood gifting platform in the coming years. 

If you are a local brand and would love to work with us, drop us an email at 

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