Secret Santa gifts under $50 that can be a hit

Secret Santa gifts under $50 that can be a hit

Secret Santa Gift Ideas in Singapore


Christmas - the most magical time of the year - can never be complete without some sort of gift exchange. You know what they say: It’s not just about what gift you give, but how you give it, too. Sure, you can always store the gifts beneath a fabulous Christmas tree, but planning a holiday gift exchange, on the other hand, might be even more exciting. 

Secret Santa tends to be the most popular game during Christmas time among family members, friend groups, or office parties, since it is super easy to play. The host establishes a starting or maximum budget (think: under $30 or $50 gifts), puts everyone’s names in a hat or bowl, and has each person pick their gift recipient at random. 

The hardest part is, as you might guess, finding the perfect Secret Santa gift for someone you’ve chosen (because knowing their identity sometimes just worsens the pressure). To save you from frantically surfing the Internet the night before the Christmas gift exchange and crossing your fingers for something decent that will arrive on time, we’ve compiled a list of Secret Santa gifts that are truly universally adored, practical, and cost under S$50. Plus, they are all available for same-day delivery so long as you place your order before 11AM that day (excl. Public Holidays).


Secret Santa snack box for the healthy eater 

Food is always the ultimate source of happiness, so you can never go wrong with a gift hamper stocked with delicious, healthy, and nutritious goodies, whether you’re shopping for a gourmet foodie, a sugar junkie, or even someone who’s into fitness and bodybuilding.

  • SPRICE Organic Brown Rice Crisps (S$3.50): Brown rice has always been a go-to snack for healthy eaters, and SPRICE just continues the tradition. These 100% organic, gluten-free, dairy-free brown rice crisps are without a doubt guilt-free snacks no matter the time of day.
  • Bruneus Organic Nibs Clusters (S$3.50): It’s amazing how Bruneus can make ordinary nuts like almonds, cashews, and walnuts into something we can all enjoy. Trust us, they taste like a pretty sweet deal. 
  • Cresc Bites Coconut Chips (S$3.50): Plain coconut chips certainly do not taste as bland as they may sound. In contrast, Cresc Bites makes it way too enticing to refuse. 
  • Dan’s Bites Dark Chocolate Brownie Crisp (S$6.90): Made from real dark chocolate with a creative crispy twist, its flavor promises to hit you right in the taste buds. 
  • NAKED Organic Sun-dried Cranberries (S$8.50): 100% organic, halal, vegan, and gluten-free, it’s all worth it to incorporate this healthy and nutritious bite into your daily snacking routine. 
  • Lecka Energy Bar (S$3.50): Whether you’re in need of a quick snack or a quick supper on the road, these bars by Lecka are one of the best options thanks to their fun and fruity tasting notes. 
  • Krakakoa Drinking Chocolate (S$16): Making your own hot cocoa from scratch is always an option, but there’s something so fulfilling about opening a packet of Krakakoa’s drinking chocolate and indulging yourself with instant divine flavor. 

Total price: S$45.40 (Build Your Gift Box)


Secret Santa gift basket for the coffee devotee

Secret Santa Gift Ideas in Singapore: Coffee

A coffee-obsessed person deserves a special cuppa for Christmas. And while every passionate coffee drinker has their own preferences in their daily ritual, the following Santa Secret gift box still has something to offer any caffeine addict. 

  • Hook Coffee Drip Coffee (S$3): The easiest way to impress a coffee aficionado is to give them the gift of amazingly balanced pour-over coffee for their morning with only one drip bag and a few minutes.                                 
  • CRU Kafe Organic Capsules (S$15):  Your Santa Secret recipient will feel empowered after brewing himself a fresh cup of coffee with these delicious, full-bodied coffee capsules that are perfect with or without milk. 

Total price: S$18 (Build Your Gift Box)


Tea-themed Secret Santa hamper for the tea connoisseur

Sitting down with a nice cup of tea is a universal pleasure. This Christmas, a tea-themed Santa Secret gift basket is a fail-proof present that is just the thing for any tea drinker, from a tea-obsessed guy to a total tea newbie. 

  • Gryphon Black Tea (S$21.30): A bold, black tea is essential to any tea collection, and any experienced tea drinker will appreciate this high-quality black tea from Gryphon.
  • Roji Ume Ume Tea (S$18): Nothing makes a tea fanatic happier than testing out new blends and broadening their tea horizon. This beautiful Japanese Sencha with Ume and Cherry Blossoms is unique in flavor and tastes as good as it looks.

Total price: S$39.30 (Build Your Gift Box)


Eco-friendly Secret Santa gift ideas for the eco warrior

Secret Santa Gift Ideas in Singapore: Tote Bag

Thinking of a sustainable and forward-thinking Secret Santa gift idea that you can feel good about? Here’s a selection of meaningful, sustainable, and budget-friendly items you can put into your gift box this Christmas and never worry about them going unused. 

  • Peco Bag Foldable Reusable Bag (S$19.95): You know, shopping bags do not have to be boring. This durable and chic collection of Peco foldable bags is ideal for not only grocery shopping but also other daily activities. 
  • Dong Dong Sai Gon Toiletry Bag (S$39): Simply put, it earned our top pick since it provides a little bit of everything that a toiletry bag should offer: space, durability, waterproofing feature, and practical design. It’s the one that you can trust for every kind of adventure. 
  • Dong Dong Sai Gon Recycled Tote Bag (S$45): It’s about time to invest in a proper eco-friendly tote. Handmade from recycled truck tarps and awning, this tote bag is sleek, streamlined, and has space for everything. 

Beautiful Secret Santa gift ideas for the beauty lover

There’s no reason to feel intimidated about gifting a skincare set for Secret Santa this holiday. Believe it or not, skincare gift sets can be a perfect present for more people than you think in 2022. This Christmas, whether your giftee is a skincare novice or a skincare expert, you can’t really go wrong with the gift of glow. 

  • Handmade Heroes Xmas Edition Body Scrub (Peppermint Cocoa) (S$25.90): If body scrub hasn’t been incorporated into their regular self-care routine, it will be now. The delightful mix of whipped shea butter and sweet almond oils of this product is promised to soothe and reset your skin in minutes. 
  • To Be Calm Energise Hand & Body Wash (S$40): Give the gift of a relaxing shower and dewy skin with this all-natural body wash and whoever you pick for the Secret Santa game will be impressed. 
  • Fer a Cheval Scented Hand Cream (S$19.90): The lightweight, non-greasy formula and nourishing ingredients of this hand cream are just a perfect antidote for dry, tired skin. Anyone will appreciate the gift of moisturised hands!


Other brilliant Secret Santa gift ideas that are guaranteed to delight

Secret Santa Gift Ideas in Singapore: Mug

Here are some more single-item gift ideas that can work equally well for a person close to you or someone you’re interacting with for the first time. For a S$50 limit, we can be sure that they are pretty darn impressive. 

  • To Be Calm Mini Soy Candle (S$18): Nothing can beat a sweet soy candle when it comes to a gift that can put everyone at ease. 
  • To Be Calm Focus Roller Ball (S$25): It’s amazing how many different conditions that essential oils can help with, and this roller ball can be an ideal Secret Santa gift for anyone who needs to refresh their mind and get back on track. 
  • Carter Move Mug 16oz (S$49): Our go-to mug is an expert at keeping cold drinks icy and hot beverages steamy, and the product’s beautiful color range only makes it better. 
  • SoL Bottle 410ml (S$40): Sometimes the most thoughtful gift is also the simplest. Case in point: a good water bottle that they’ll want to carry everywhere. 
  • Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover A5 Notebook (S$39.90): The writing experience is smooth, the size is perfect, the look is classic, and we cannot think of a better way to characterise it than “a quality notebook for a decent price”.
  • An indoor plant: A mood-boosting live plant that can thrive in an office setting is always a good idea. Aim for a low-light and low-maintenance plant like a snake plant or monstera deliciosa at The Garden Store and you’re guaranteed a Secret Santa gift that even the most inexperienced green newbie will love.


Need some more Secret Santa gift inspo?

When you’re part of three different Secret Santa gift exchange groups, the holiday gift brainstorming seems to be endless. Check out our Christmas Gift Delivery Guide for more Secret Santa gift ideas for every person whose name you could possibly pick.

Happy shopping, Santa!

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