Send last-minute gifts like a pro with same-day delivery in Singapore

Have you ever found yourself scrambling to get a gift for your family members, friends, and colleagues when special occasions are around the corner?

  • Maybe you’ve been so busy with work that you didn’t have the time till the very last minute.
  • Perhaps you’re simply a professional procrastinator who has always waited till the very last minute to buy a gift and you mean “the very last minute” in every sense of the word.
  • Maybe you simply forget to plan their birthday, wedding or anniversary surprises, putting you in an awkward “Oops, I sorta forgot about you” situation.
  • Or sometimes the news of your loved ones falling sick just arrives unexpectedly, leaving you with no choice but to come up with a creative and heartfelt get well soon gift in a flash.

Don’t worry! With SnackGood, it’s never too late to get a thoughtful last-minute gift box delivered in Singapore on the same day without being seen as a last-ditch effort. 

Let us help you to Build Your Good Box that has a fair 0.001% chance of being identical to any other last-minute gift box in just a few clicks! 😉

Step 1: Mix and match your way

How to Build A Good Box: Step 1 - Mix & Match

You can easily discover the goodies that are practical enough they will not add clutter or be strictly decorative but can satisfy almost everyone. We have hundreds of snacks, drinks, and lifestyle items from various brands that have been carefully filtered by category, dietary, and values for you to add to your good box.

Step 2: Decide the look and feel

How to Build A Good Box: Step 2 - Select Packaging

Next, decide whether you want a simple kraft box for just-because gifting or a more premium-looking box for special occasions. There’s an option of adding a beautifully tied ribbon in the colour of your choice, too.

Step 3: Turn the last-minute into the well-planned

How to Build A Good Box: Step 3 - Ad a handwritten note

Here’s where the magic happens. Though optional, there’s another step you can do to elevate your gifting game to another level. No one can resist the charm of a handwritten card, ever, no matter how simple it is. Just tell us the message you want to be sent and we will handle the rest. This is the one unexpectedly delightful touch that many of our customers and their recipients have been raving about.

Step 4: Sit back and wait for that smile!

How to Build A Good Box: Step 4 - You're done

Tadaa! Your super personalised gift box has been created and you know you really can’t go wrong this time. What’s left is to sit back and wait for that smile — as we pack and deliver your uniquely curated gift hamper surprise as fast as the same day. Isn’t that awesome? delivery for all orders to send out the unique gift hamper that has been perfectly picked by you. 

Don’t know what to get? Choose a Ready-To-Order Discovery Box!

Ready-To-Order Discovery Boxes

If you do not have the time to pick up a box on your own, or don’t know what to get, we’ve got your back. Our Ready-to-order Discovery Boxes are carefully curated by our team of experts for different occasions and reasons. Comes with same-day delivery, you can simply pick a box, add on a handwritten greeting card, and check out in just a few minutes. This is a super easy last-minute gift delivery option that also does not feel rushed. So go on, and send your next gift like a pro.

Enjoy the gift of giving everybody!

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