The Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

The Quick & Easy Breakfast Ideas to Start Your Day

Breakfast has earned its title as the most important meal of the day, as it delivers essential nutrients to the body after a stretch of not eating overnight, allowing you to start the day feeling energized and nourished. So it's worth the effort to take a little time to plan out well-rounded breakfasts and make it count.

But what if you got stuck in a breakfast rut more often than not? There are still plenty of ways to eat a balanced and healthy breakfast that will cost you only a couple of minutes and help to get your day off to a good start. 

Here, we've got all the a.m. inspiration you need to incorporate healthy breakfast recipes into your morning and power up your day. You will find ones that are perfect for taking on the go when you’re in a rush, ones that are quick & easy to whip up in the morning, and even a few ones for days when you have a little extra time to linger over breakfast.

#1 A perfectly healthy breakfast

Here’s the truth: A healthy breakfast can set the tone for the rest of your day and make a huge difference in your overall health. So take some time to choose your breakfast recipes wisely, or read on to find some good breakfast ideas that come together in no time:

  • KHUSH Organic Buckwheat Coconut Granola/ KHUSH Organic Nut-free Muesli Smoothie:
    For anyone who thinks that Granola and Muesli are bland… Well, think again. You can mix ⅓ cup of granola/muesli into a bowl of milk, add yogurt and any fruits of your choice, then blend them well and … Yum!
  • KHUSH Organic Buckwheat Coconut Granola/ KHUSH Organic Nut-free Muesli Yogurt Mix:
    A high protein-packed breakfast made of purely organic granola/muesli, yogurt, some fresh fruit, and honey on top that tastes like dessert? Yes, please.
  • KHUSH Organic Buckwheat Coconut Granola Homemade Bar:
    Goodbye, bland store-bought granola bars. You can easily create a tasty granola bar of your own after 30 minutes of baking a mixture of ¾ cup KHUSH organic granola, ½ cup honey, peanut butter, nuts, and dried fruits of your choice.
  • NAKED Organic Dried Strawberries & NAKED Organic Sun-dried Cranberries: The easiest way to DYI your favorite breakfast at home? Throw in some tasty NAKED dried strawberries and cranberries to your bowl of instant oatmeal for a hearty breakfast in a snap.


#2 A quick grab-n-go breakfast

If you’re not a morning person and usually in a big rush every morning, you don't need to spend half an hour in the kitchen for a great healthy breakfast. These simple breakfast ideas are just perfect for those hectic mornings.

  • SPRICE Organic Black Pepper & Salt Brown Rice Crisps:
    Like they said, life is too short for bad food. Organic, gluten-free, dairy-free, and super tasty, you can use it as a super snack or consider serving it with apple slices and nut butter for a quick and healthy breakfast.
  • The Protein Ball Vitamin Balls:
    Loaded with nutritious ingredients, this series of healthy, protein-packed snacks are great for a quick on-the-go breakfast and even helps you combat those afternoon hunger pangs.
  • Primal Pantry Real Food Bars:
    Stashing these bite-sized servings which are made from 5 different real food ingredients in your bag for a healthy dose of fiber is always a good idea, especially on a busy morning. 
  • Marou 64% Chocolate Bar w/ Tropical Fruits & Cashews:
    Craving something a little sweet for breakfast? A couple of these chocolate bars with dried cashew, mango, passion fruit, and kumquat is a hearty, delicious choice and sure to keep you full until lunchtime.

#3 A classic and easy breakfast with bread

Bread - the one you can always rely on when there is not much else to choose from in the refrigerator; the one you always think about as 'boring'; yet, the one that's always there for you. It’s time to level up your breakfast bread game and start your morning right with the following list of wonderful pairing options:

  • Marou Cacao Spread:
    This dairy-free cacao spread with natural ingredients from Vietnam is perfect on bread, pancakes, muffins, or waffles. And it is just an effortlessly delicious breakfast meal!
  • Honey For Life and Honey In The Garden Premium Australian Honey:
    It's no secret that honey makes everything better. Let’s try a combination of bread, honey, and cheese for a good source of fiber and also a fantastic breakfast. 

It’s time to fancy up your breakfast for a rewarding start to your day

If you’re looking for some quick, easy and healthy breakfast recipes, we’re pretty sure that the above collection of goodies might become a new go-to in your morning routine.

Take a look at the Good Market for Self & Home Pantry to find the keys to a filling breakfast. Healthy options to fuel your busy mornings are endless!

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