What’s new on GiftGood (Nov 2022)

What’s new on GiftGood (Nov 2022)

October is drawing to a close, and turning the page on your calendar to November can mean a lot of things: shorter days, cooler weather, and the holiday excitement in its full swing. 

Here at GiftGood, we also have a few incredible new arrivals hitting shelves, an uplifting change in the packaging options for you, and some events we are really excited about. Keep scrolling for this month’s hottest releases, launches, and the unmissable gifting occasions this November. 

Up-and-coming brands you need to try

#1 TimTay

It is now more vital than ever for fashion brands to think more sustainably and consumers to build a wardrobe more planet-friendly. This November, we’re happy to collaborate with such a brand from Vietnam, which is taking steps to implement ethical practices in fashion — without sacrificing on style. 

TimTay, a socially-conscious brand established in 2014, goes to great lengths to make sure its production and supply chain is as responsible and clean as possible. Using 100% organic linen, cotton, silk, and recycled yarn, TimTay is pretty obsessed with making long-lasting, timeless clothes and accessories that are key to a greener wardrobe.

This November on GiftGood, you can try out a collection of accessories by TimTay including scrunchies, mug coasters, face masks, and eco roll-up sleeves, all made from reused excess fabric from garment production. You won’t be disappointed as they are all eye-catching, high in quality, and at the same time remind you that you are being mindful of our planet.

Wanna get TimTay's linen accessories as corporate gift with your logo embroidery? Yes, why not? 

#2 INGO 

Do you know family fun doesn’t require leaving the house and a bunch of planning? You can count on this brand-new product on GiftGood for a fun night staying in your living room, getting cozy in your jammies, and making a piece of art with the people you love. 

INGO offers a fun DIY art kit for you to make beautiful woodblock prints of 500-year-old Đông Hồ art, which originated in Vietnam. And the good news is, you don’t need to consider yourself “crafty” to start getting creative and imaginative with this INGO Kit. The holidays have been rolling around, so why not start getting your creative juices flowing?

INGO Kit is available for pre-order only, with a MOQ of 50 kits.

#3 Gryphon Tea & Roji Cha

If you’re looking for a tea-themed holiday gift for the tea lovers in your life, whether they’re newbies or totally tea-obsessed, you surely don’t want to miss these just-dropped tea products on GiftGood this month. You know, we all just can’t get enough of them since the diversity of tea has proven that it has something to offer everyone. 

  • Gryphon Tea: For the tea connoisseur who is always on the lookout for something new to try, the finest gourmet teas by Gryphon definitely won’t let them down. Dedicated to excellence from day 1, every sip with Gryphon tea is promised a superior drinking experience. 
  • Roji Cha: Being a sister brand of Gryphon Tea, what Roji shares with Gryphon in common is the commitment to high quality in every step of tea production, and what makes them different is a Japanese-inspired beautiful array of flavours that can satisfy even the pickiest tea devotee in your life. 

New products from our existing trusted brand partners

  • Dòng Dòng Sài Gòn's Upcycled Key-Chain-cum-Mini-Pouch: Made of upcycled tarps and truck awnings like the other signature products from the eco-conscious brand Dong Dong Sai Gon, this mini backpack keychain is a playful yet functional accessory that can carry a list of essentials (in addition to keys) such as coins, cards, lipsticks, folded bills and other small items. These are also great practical door gifts for your corporate or personal events as well.
  • Handmade Heroes Limited Edition Cocoa & Peppermint Body Scrub: Our favourite beauty brand Handmade Heroes is ready to help you elevate your skincare routine game this Christmas with a new edition of super duper nourishing body scrub. Dryer weather will be no match for this ultra hydrating body care product, which is a delightful blend of whipped shea butter and sweet almond oils. It works miracles on your skin and also looks charming enough to be your go-to Christmas gift this year.  
  • Honey In The Garden Mini Tasting Jars (75g): If you’re a true honey fanatic or thinking of a honey-themed gift basket for your loved ones, you’ll want to try out these newly-launched mini jars by Honey In The Garden. The smaller size coming up will free you from the burden of deciding between the brand’s variety of incredible pure honey options. Yes, you can just try them all!

A more conscious gifting experience: Newly launched eco-friendly packaging

Whether you’re a loyal customer who’s been following our path from day 1, or just happen to surf through our site for a few minutes, you might notice that we’ve been constantly seeking green practices for our business, from eco-friendly products to sustainable packaging options. 

If you’re an eco-conscious consumer who’s looking for a smart alternative to traditional packaging materials, you now have the option of choosing a reusable bag by Peco Bag or a recycled tote bag by Dong Dong Sai Gon as your preferred gift bag packaging instead of the standard mailer box or premium gift box. These new, long-lasting recycled bags, which come in different colors, sizes, and shapes, are a wonderful option for customized packaging and stand by themselves as a great gift for multiple daily uses. 

Besides, you know what they say, less is more. We always encourage you to go with no-frills packaging, which is more conscious, ethical, and forward-thinking. But if there’s a need to choose a more deluxe product packaging option, you can pick add-on ribbon or shredded paper with extra charges. So choose wisely! 

Upcoming events you should not miss

  • GiftGood's 1st popup @ Earthfest 2022 (12-13 Nov, 2022): Visit our very own pop-up shop at a wonderful festival that you and our planet will love! Earthfest 2022 is the first and largest sustainability event here in Singapore, featuring loads of workshops and panels to help you take your eco-mindfulness experience to the next level. We are at booth B04. Come say hi!
    P/s: We've got some special discounts at our booth *smiley* 
  • Corporate Gifting Promotion: With the year-end holidays right around the corner, a lot of you must be searching for an elevated gifting solution to impress your colleagues and clients. This November, if you order at least 50 Dòng Dòng Sài Gòn items, you can put your logo or any brand customization you want on the products for free. Check out this link for more details and contact us at corporate@shopgiftgood.com to start curating your unique custom gift box with cool swag. 

November’s gifting occasions

  • Singles’ Day (11 November): As its name suggests, Singles’ Day was initially a day to celebrate singledom and now has become the busiest e-commerce shopping day of the year. So, embrace flying solo (if you are single), and make sure you’ve prepared a list of your favorite webs and apps to do your shopping on. 
  • Thanksgiving Day (24 November): It’s a wonderful holiday that’s all about feasting and reflecting on what we’re thankful for throughout the year. Thanksgiving is a special time to gather with your family and friends, and tossing in some fun gifts is always a good idea. Go to Build Your GiftGood Box (or Bag) for a customized present to bring your party host or anyone you appreciate a little treat this Thanksgiving.
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