My Summer Internship with GiftGood by Dhivan

My Summer Internship with GiftGood by Dhivan

Meet Dhivan, our Summer 2023’s E-commerce Business & Operations Intern. On the last day of his internship, we have a chat with Dhivan about his internship experience.

Read on to learn more about what it’s like to intern with and be a part of the GiftGood family. 

Q: Hello Dhivan, thank you for spending time with us. Before we start, can you introduce a bit about yourself and your role at GiftGood?

A: Helloo, I am Dhivan a business undergraduate and I joined GiftGood as an E-commerce Business & Operations Intern over the summer. My primary responsibilities revolved around managing day-to-day orders, handling customer requests, and ensuring smooth daily operations. Additionally, I had the opportunity to contribute to various aspects of the company's growth, such as corporate outreach, competitor analysis, SEO optimisation, and content creation for our social media channels.

Q: Why did you choose to intern with GiftGood?

A: When thinking about what kind of company I wanted to work at for the internship, I figured that working at a startup would be a rather valuable experience as I would get more hands-on experience and learn more about what it is like to grow a business from the ground up. This would be something I would not be able to get from larger firms. I was also drawn to GiftGood’s ethos of championing local and sustainable brands and I was eager to find out how they are able to commit to this and build their brand. 

Q: How would you describe your internship experience in 3 words? 

A: I would describe it as being fulfilling, memorable, and enriching. 

Q: What’s your most memorable experience?

A: My most memorable experience was working on our social media content with the team. We bounced off ideas and tried to see what best fit our brand and the image. The whole process was so free and easy and I would say we all had fun trying out different angles and styles.  

Q: What’s your favourite part of the internship?

A: My favourite part of the internship was the monthly discussions we had as a team to go through our funnel reports and identify areas that we are doing well and others that we can improve upon. I really enjoyed how we tried to analyse the data and come up with some hypothesis as to why some things were happening and how we can circumvent it. 

Q: What’s your least favorite part of the internship?

A: Haha I would say dealing with difficult customers and delivery drivers that we get from time to time. But I guess it has also taught me a lot about patience and conflict resolution which is an important and applicable skill in life. 

Q: What’s your biggest learning/key takeaway from your internship?

A: My biggest takeaway is that it takes a lot of hard work to run a business and that there are lots of moving parts. While it can get overwhelming, having a systematic approach to it can greatly help us have a clearer picture. 

Q: If you’re sending a gift box to someone special, what’s your must-have item & why?

A: Ooo I would say I am a practical gifter so I like to get items people need and will use. Looking at my favourite items at GiftGood, I would say a perfect gift set would include, a candle, some sort of essential be it a book or mug, and a nice sweet treat accompanied by a card with a personal message. (p.s. You can also customise your own card with GiftGood NOW!!) 😉

Q: Do you have any advice for future interns on how they get the best out of the internship?

A: GiftGood is truly a great place for you to learn and grow so just do your best and remember that it okay to ask for help from the team. If you can, try to help the team with the various projects as it would greatly help broaden your perspective and try out the different areas of business. Good luck!!

Wrapping it up

Thank you so much for sharing with us. It’s been a great joy having you with us for the summer. Have a great semester ahead!

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