Mother’s Day gift ideas that every mom will adore

Preserved mini carnation bouquet on SnackGood

No need to sugar coat it — being a mother is one of the toughest jobs that you or a woman in your life will ever have. 

A mom would never gradually transition into motherhood and have appropriate training the way she might do with other roles in her life. She would need to survive serious sleep deprivation in the first few months, struggling to balance parenting tasks with maintaining a social life since a full hour of uninterrupted time would be a super luxury after a baby was born. Kids would test her boundaries, and throw toddler tantrums. Right when the mother thinks the first few years of stress and exhaustion are over, there come the tremendous physiological changes and mood swings when her child slowly becomes a teenager. 

Yes, being a mom is fantastic and your mom or any other woman mostly wouldn’t change it for the world. But for all the tough and amazing things she has done, she should be treated like a queen on Mother's Day this year (and well, every single day after that). 

Planning ahead and taking the DIY route for a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift is the best. But if you’re pressed for time when shopping for Mother’s Day gifts, we've got you covered. There’s no need to fight the crowds for flowers, gifts, or brunch for mum this year, these options of self-care goodies and sweet treats which can be delivered right to her doorstep will surely wow your mum or any mother figure in your life this year.

#1 A Mother’s Day bouquet in a not-so-traditional way

Not so traditional Mother's Day bouquets

Floral bouquets are a classic Mother’s Day gift for a reason: Who can resist the beauty of in-season May blooms? However, let’s go creative this year if your mum has a sweet tooth as well as a love of flora. This ready-to-order collection of eyeful and mouthful bouquets might disappear in a few bites, but your gift's sweet sentiment will last for weeks to come.

  • Gourmet Chocolate Bouquet: A bouquet made of a mint dark chocolate bar by Love Cocoa, two tea chocolate bars by Fossa Chocolate, and preserved hydrangea by Autumn Lust packed and delivered in an eco-friendly kraft box? Sounds like the sweetest Mother's Day gift ever.
  • Healthy Snack Bouquet: A bouquet with White Choc Macadamia Cookies from Serious Cookies, natural baked sprouted superfoods from With Love, Gretel, and three drip coffee bags from Hook Coffee will satisfy the craving of any mom this year.
  • Tea Box Bouquet: Let’s brighten and make Mother’s Day morning much sweeter with this collection of bouquets featuring different flavoured tea boxes by OFFBLAK accompanied by a cheery soap sunflower and other dried flowers.

#2 A relaxing "me" day gift basket for mom

Relaxing kit for moms

This Mother’s day gift box is a gentle reminder for mom to put herself first from time to time. Don’t forget to consider any allergies, preferences, or sensitivities when selecting a self-care gift for mom, and also beware: she may become addicted to these goodies and want a restock in a few months :) 

  • Handmade Heroes Body Scrub: Gift mom a product that is designed to gently exfoliate, nourish her skin, and remind her to treat herself like a queen every day.
  • Handmade Heroes Beauty Warrior Face Mask: Another practical item she can use for her very own spa day at home that takes her only 5 minutes to have brighter and fresher skin. 
  • To Be Calm Relax Hand & Body Wash: A bath soak or feet soak is never a bad idea to relax the body and mind. This item is made of all-natural ingredients and will help mom relieve tension and swollen muscles after a long day.

#3 An elegant Mother’s day gift that will satisfy moms in their 50s

Elegant Mother's Day gift for moms in their 50s

If your mom is in her 50s or beyond, a good chance is she will be the mom who wants nothing and is the hardest person to shop for. However, another good chance is her happy place will be the garden, whether it is her backyard or a treasure trove of indoor plants. Or she might be interested in something that holds a lot of meaning and beauty like traditional Chinese calligraphy, where the handwriting meets the art or a beautiful decor candle piece. Pick the following items to make a unique Mother’s Day gift that she will appreciate.

  • Farmcity Mighty Veggie Growing Starter Kit: Surprising her with this fun gardening gift for the coming Mother’s Day is green thumb-approved.
  • Mekomo Modern Chinese Calligraphy: A range of hand-painted Chinese calligraphy with different meanings will serve as the hidden love message you send to mom this year.
  • MIRA peony candle: This hand-poured soy wax candle in a delicate peony shape is a perfect gift for moms who love to host dinner parties. With 4-6 pretty candles, these beauties will help her effortlessly elevate table settings and brighten up any dinner parties.

#4 A thoughtful Mother’s day gift for expecting or new mom 

Practical gifts for new moms & expecting moms

Let’s not forget the pregnant woman in your life who deserves a little pampering or the new mom who is trying so hard to adjust to the whole parenting thing on this Mother’s Day. Whether you're looking for the finest gifts for your closest friend, a loved one, or a colleague who recently returned from maternity leave, consider the trusted recommendations ahead or read this practical gift guide for expecting moms & new moms.

  • Malo. Pregnancy Relaxation Kit: This premium eco-luxe bundle of massage ball and belly oil is perfect for unwinding in the midst of and after her pregnancy.
  • Bubsmamy Postpartum Kit: If the expecting mom is going to have a vaginal birth in a few weeks, this super practical gift will show how much you care about the tough postpartum phase she’s going to experience.
  • Handmade Heroes Free The Nips Nursing Balm & Soothe That Toosh Diaper Balm:  You will be the most thoughtful friend on this Mother’s Day if you gift her these products as they solve the two most popular problems that most new moms face in the first few months of motherhood — sore nipples and an angry baby bottom.

#5 A Mother’s day thoughtful DIY gift 

DIY Mother's Day snack bouquet

They say the route to a mother's heart is probably through a handmade present. The above suggested Mother’s Day gifts are easy to pick with free same-day delivery in Singapore, but if you still want to put in more effort and pair them with some DIY gifts, we’ve rounded up some sweet and easy Mother’s Day crafts that anyone can pull off.

  • A mini snack bouquet: After all, moms usually don’t want fancy things. Follow these 5 simple steps to make a mini snack bouquet that will surely pamper your mom on her special day.
  • DIY gift ideas: Scroll through another 60 creative DIY ideas for a meaningful Mother’s Day gift this year. 

So, ready to wow your mom this Mother’s Day? 

Time with mom

For a comprehensive list of gift delivery options, and other relevant tips and tricks, visit our Mother's Day Gift Delivery Guide to get a gift that your mom will adore this year.

Regardless of your choice of gifts, her favourite gift is often time well spent with you — so be sure to make time for mom on Mother’s Day, and every day.