Meaningful Ways To Help Someone Through A Miscarriage

Meaningful Ways To Help Someone Through A Miscarriage

Miscarriage is an experience that touches the lives of many, yet it often remains shrouded in silence. Did you know that one in four to six pregnancies* in Singapore ends in miscarriage? (*Source: SingHealth) 

Whether you've personally endured this or have been a source of support for someone who has, you may have noticed that reaching out for assistance can be tough. Regrettably, miscarriage is still a topic that's sensitive and frequently brushed under the rug, despite its common occurrence. 

Miscarriage is an experience laden with emotions and physical distress. It involves the loss of dreams, hopes, and the anticipation of a new life. Emotionally, it can bring grief, sadness, guilt, and even anger while physically, it's a journey marked by pain, bleeding, and hormonal changes. Let’s explore some friendly and helpful ways to support friends and colleagues who are going through this difficult time.

How to be there for friends who had a miscarriage

Supporting a friend who has experienced a miscarriage can be challenging, but your presence and empathy can make a world of difference. Here are some ways to provide meaningful support. 

#1 Childcare Support

Childcare support

Offer to help with childcare if your friend has other children. Taking care of their little ones can give them the space and time they need to grieve and heal.

#2 Help with Chores

Everyday tasks can quickly become overwhelming during a difficult time. You can offer assistance with cleaning, grocery shopping, or running errands to lighten their load. 

#3 Meal Planning

Meal Planning

Preparing meals can be exhausting when dealing with grief and physical recovery. Organise a meal train with friends and family, or provide homemade meals that can be easily reheated. You can also tap professional meal providers such as Yue Zi Le or Tian Wei to send healing meals straight to their doorstep in Singapore.

#4 Check In Regularly

Even as time goes on, your beloved friend may still be feeling the pain of their loss. There's not a hard-and-fast timeline for grief. Make sure you check in with as the months go by.

How to comfort colleagues who had a miscarriage

Navigating a miscarriage while working can be incredibly challenging. Colleagues can play a crucial role in creating a supportive work environment. Here are some ways to assist your coworkers:

#5 Create a Communication-Safe Environment

Create a communication-safe environment

Foster an atmosphere where colleagues feel comfortable discussing their experiences with the miscarriage without judgement or discomfort. Encourage open dialogue and be a listening ear, but stay sensitive and non-intrusive as some may prefer to keep their emotions private.

#6 Build Trust

Trust is essential during difficult times. Offer your support genuinely, and respect their decisions and boundaries. Let them know you are there whenever they are ready to talk.

#7 Offer Work Support

If you are in a managerial role or can influence workplace policies, consider offering flexible work hours, additional leave, or a reduced workload to accommodate their needs during this challenging period.

Send a care package, whether you’re near or far

Embrace Gift Box

It may not be the traditional gift-giving occasion, but sending a care package as a reminder for self-care during their recovery and healing process is a thoughtful and meaningful way to show support. Here are some suggestions for you to get started, whether you want a ready-curated gift box or prefer customising it your own way:

This care package contains all the treats she needs to nourish her body during the recovery period. It’s also like a gentle reminder that she’s not alone in this journey.

Filled with comforting goodies to bring in a moment of calm, this gift box is thoughtfully designed to embrace those grieving hearts. 

Dedicated to crafting high-quality honey products in their purest form, Honey In The Garden offers the dairy-free honey that is a perfect choice for miscarried moms on the path to healing.

Adding these nutrient-dense, healthy nuts to her diet can prove invaluable in supporting her recovery and nurturing the healing process.

Dark chocolate, with its antioxidants and mood-boosting potential, is surely a source of comfort and strength.

Show up for her, through the good and the bad

Every mother's healing journey is unique. So, the most important thing to do is show up for your friend, in whatever way makes sense to her and to you, and let her know that you care and are there for her.

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