5 unique goodies to spice up lunar new year

5 unique goodies to spice up lunar new year

Lunar New Year Goodies from SnackGood!

With Lunar New Year’s just around the corner, how’s your festive goodies shopping going? You have probably started your endless shopping for pineapple tarts, bakwa, butter cookies, love letters, and many other traditional goodies. We get it — it feels good to indulge yourself with festive treats and not worry about that calorie count once in a while :)

Traditional goodies are great, but how about spicing things up a little to welcome this roar-some Tiger year? Make it fun and exciting: introduce a few tweaks to your reunion dinner table, and delight your loved ones with unique flavours beyond what they would expect. What’s more? You could also do good, go local and support the good brands started right here in Singapore.

Whether you like it hot and bold, or just a little naughtier than usual, we got you covered. Here are our picks of 5 unique, tasty Lunar New Year goodies from our favourite local brands to treat yourself and your family.

#1 Spicy Mala Dark Chocolate, by Fossa Chocolate

Fossa Spicy Mala Dark Chocolate - SnackGood

Love Mala? Love Chocolate? This is definitely made for you. It’s a bar of incredibly aromatic, spicy and numbing yet addictive chocolate, inspired by the popular spicy mala stir fry pot dish. A party in the mouth - it will be a real kick for your taste bud this season!

#2 Orange Pineapple Dark Chocolate, by Fossa Chocolate

Fossa Orange Pineapple Dark Chocolate - SnackGood

This chocolate bar is perfect for the orange and pineapple lovers out there. A lovely, modern interpretation of the two popular flavours of Lunar New Year, making this bar a mouth-watering angbao to savour slowly with your loved ones. Give it a try and let us know if it’s earned its spot as your angbao alternative! 😉 

#3 Salted Egg Prawn Roll, by Irvins 

Irvins Salted Egg Prawn Roll - SnackGood

Prawn rolls are the must-have snacks for festivities. Here comes the twist — adding salted egg flavour to this irresistible Hae Bee Hiam (spicy shrimp) filled roll goodness. It takes just one bite - and we just can't stop or rather, we won't stop. Take it from us, buy a couple of packets so you don’t have to fight for the bites! 😋 

#4 Salted Egg Salmon Fish Skin, by Irvins

Irvins Salted Egg Salmon Skin - SnackGood

Want things crispy and crunchy? You can’t miss this Atlantic salmon skin infused with the original Irvins’ Dangerously Addictive recipe, made from a perfect blend of real salted egg, aromatic curry leaves, and spicy red chilli. Crispy. Crunchy. Flavourful. Perfect. A must-have for hosting the savoury snack lovers.

#5 Lao Cong Shui Xian Tea, by Parchmen & Co 

Parchmen & Co Lao Cong Shui Xian Tea - SnackGood

Tea has always been the irreplaceable companion to the hearty goodies in every Lunar New Year. This premium Lao Cong Shui Xian tea will definitely delight you and your family! The old Bush Shui Xian, although grown in Zhang Ping, is processed in the Wuyi Roasted Oolong style. It has a very unique orchid aroma from its own variety and an interesting woody after note that lingers pleasantly, leaving you and your loved ones feel relaxed and peaceful after that hearty reunion feast.

Bonus: Can’t meet this Lunar New Year? Curate and send them a snack box straight to their doorstep.

No matter where you are, stay connected with your loved ones in just a few clicks. Build a snack box just for them with their favourite treats, and get it delivered straight to their doorstep. Celebrating the new year from afar doesn’t have to be hard, we’re here to make it happen for you! 

Wrapping it up

That’s a wrap for the Lunar New Year unique snack guide, handpicked by Team SnackGood. We hope you find something that excites your taste buds this festive season. And for those who can’t make it home this Lunar New Year, we hope you continue to stay hopeful, stay safe and stay healthy. Sending you lots of love and virtual hugs!

P.S: Don’t forget to get in touch and share your snacking experiences & reviews, goodies you love, brands we’d like to see on SnackGood  — we are always happy to hear from you at hello@snackgood.co.

Featured local brands in this guide:

  • Fossa Chocolate, handcrafted chocolate maker. Read their story here.

  • IRVINS, creator of #DangerouslyAddictive salted egg snacks that excite the world. Read their story here.

  • Parchmen & Co, specialty coffee roaster, and tea & wine curator. Read their story here.


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