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Boost Their Spirit: 5 Get Well Care Packages for a Speedy Recovery

Someone close to you - a family member, a dearest friend, a trusted colleague - is under the weather. What do you think is the best way to cheer them up?

Here’s how:

  • The easy way: sending a “get well soon” text message or call to check in on them
  • The difficult way (but much valued): bringing meals over, taking their dogs for a walk, or running some quick errands for them
  • The remote way (when you cannot be there in person): sending a surprise get well soon gift box as a reminder that you’re thinking about them and wish them a speedy recovery

The Covid-19 pandemic has made us realise just how fragile our health can be and how important it is to show loved ones that you care about them. Whether it is Covid, flu, stress and burnout, injury and surgery, or diseases that need prolonged treatment, there’s a thoughtful get-well-soon care package that you can send to your loved ones, when you can’t be there physically. Read on for ideas of what to send in your feel-better-soon gift hamper.

#1 The Easy Breezy Package for those who’re recovering from Covid-19, cold or common flu


Although we're glad to see Covid-19 becoming less of a concern, there are still times when colds and flu affect our loved ones. Here are some ready pick-me-up get well care package ideas for the ones who got Covid-19 or suffering a bad cold/flu.

  • Boost Up Gift Box: This care package offers a wholesome and satisfying snack and drink experience — indeed a thoughtful gift to uplift their spirits and support their well-being.
  • Honey Tasting Gift Box: Bring a spoonful of joy to your loved ones battling colds and flu with five mini jars of honey from Honey In The Garden, each packed with natural and soothing sweetness to comfort them during their recovery. 
  • Fruitful Healing Gift Box: Deliver a little sweetness and a whole lot of love with a gift box of organic dried fruits by NAKED, sparkling cold brew tea by Gryphon Tea, and adorable fruit plushies by Jellycat.

Prefer to customise your gift box? Here are some gift picks we recommend:

    #2 The Take-It-Nice-and-Knee-sy Care Packages for the injured one

    No one likes being injured, but everyone likes getting a gift. If you know someone who has been hobbling around on one foot due to an injury, you can put a little extra thought into what can keep them occupied while recovering from their injury.

    • Recharge Gift Box: Treat them to a well-deserved relaxing and resetting moment during recovery with a get well soon hamper filled with a lovely mini dried bouquet, a soothing tea box, and a calming soy candle. 
    • Pamper Gift Box: Self-care goodies are always a good idea to put into a get well soon care package and let them feel truly cared for. 
    • Wellness Gift Box: Packed with Halal-certified treats, this get well soon hamper makes superfood snacking a delightful and guilt-free experience during their recovery.

    Prefer to customise your gift box? Here are some gift picks we recommend:

      #3 The Wish-I-Could-POP-By Packages for those who need a hug

      Stress and burnout are no joke. In those stressful moments, don’t we all just want a little TLC? Know someone who is having a tough time with stress and burnout? Here are some perfect feel-better-soon care packages to show that you care.

      • Movie Night Gift Box: Packed with all the goodies needed for a fun-filled evening, let the popcorn pop, the lights dim, and the movie marathon begins for a well-deserved escape from stress and burnout.
      • Happy Hour Gift Box: Tasty snacks and refreshing drinks — aren’t they the ultimate way to unwind and shake off that workweek stress?
      • Motivation Gift Box: This curated snack box is guaranteed to provide them the energy they need to feel motivated and keep going.

      Prefer to customise your gift box? Here are some gift picks we recommend:

        #4 The Comforting Package for those resting off post-surgery



        Surgery? You might be tempted to order a bunch of fresh flowers and call it a day. But there are also tons of other get well soon gift ideas to brighten up someone’s day and help them feel less bored when being cooped up in the hospital for an extended period of time.

        • Grey Cement Plant Pot Series: We all know how healing live greenery can be. It's a delightful way to brighten their day and watch their green friend flourish alongside them on their healing journey!
        • Self-Care Gift Box: All the must-have healing goodies for a rejuvenating recovery journey in one box!
        • Premium Australian Honey: The finest and purest Australian honey to nourish both body and soul — an ideal gift for your brave warrior!

        Prefer to customise your gift box? Here are some gift picks we recommend:

          #5 The Tough-It-Out Package for the brave ones who are fighting serious illness with prolonged treatment

          It’s hard to hear a friend telling you that they have been diagnosed with something like cancer. Sending out a gift to show them how much you care is even harder since, after all, no one can fully understand a cancer patient's experience until they've gone through it themselves. Here’s our suggestion for the encouragement your loved ones will need:

          • Dried Bouquet: Send a cheerful burst of positivity as a reminder that they're in your thoughts as they navigate through their challenging times. 
          • Mindfulness Gift Box: Show your love with carefully curated items that encourage me-time and mindfulness, helping your loved ones destress and stay centred through their journey to recovery.
          • Empower Gift Box: This all-in-one hamper is the ultimate confidence booster — a perfect way to remind them they're in control and can take on anything that comes their way.
          • Solace Gift Box: Filled with soothing scents and comforting treasures like White Gingerlily White Tea, To Be Calm Aromatherapy Roller Ball and Mini Soy Candle, this lovingly curated box will remind them that they are not alone on this journey.

          Prefer to customise your gift box? Here are some gift picks we recommend:

            Wrapping it up

            If you’ve been on the receiving end before, you’ll know how a gift box is much more appreciated than a quick “get well soon” text message. We appreciate the gifts, but most of the time we appreciate the thoughts that others have for us and our health.

            P.S: Don’t forget we can offer the same-day gift delivery service in Singapore so you can cheer someone up when they need it the most!

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