5 thoughtful 'Get Well Soon' care packages for family, friends and colleagues

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Someone close to you - a family member, a dearest friend, a trusted colleague - is under the weather. What do you think is the best way to cheer them up?

Here’s a hint:

  • The easy way: sending a brief “get well soon” text message
  • The difficult way (but much valued): bringing meals over, taking their dogs for a walk, or running some quick errands for them
  • The smart way (if you really cannot be there in person): send a healthy gift box as a reminder that you’re thinking about them and wish them a speedy recovery. 

The pandemic has made us realise just how fragile our health can be and how important it is to show loved ones that you care about them. Whether it is Omicron, flu, stress and burnout, injury and surgery, or diseases that need prolonged treatment, there’s a thoughtful get-well-soon gift that you can send to your loved ones, regardless of whether you’re near or far. Read on for ideas of what to send as a feel-better-soon gift. 

#1 The Easy Breezy Package for those who’re recovering from Covid-19

Honey as gift

Photo credit: The Honey Colony

While we don’t know everything about the virus yet, we do know that it may affect the loved ones in our lives. Here are some items to include in the ultimate care package for the Covid-19 or cold/flu sufferer who would need a little “pick-me-up”.

  • With a lovely light butterscotch flavour, Karri TA 30+ Organic Honey (260g) by Honey For Life is a great choice to consider for your good box.
  • Breathy Aromatherapy Roller Ball by To Be Calm Breathe is the perfect refreshing and soothing solution for blocked noses with the essential oils of Tea Tree, Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Thyme — all containing antibacterial properties. It opens up the airways and a great tip is to roll inside your mask for a refreshing cleansing fragrance. 
  • Lao Cong Shui Xian Tea (5x8g) by Parchmen & Co — with notes of roasted, caramel, milk honey, this tea lingers pleasantly, making your loved one feel relaxed and calm.

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#2 The Wish-I-Could-POP-By Package for those who need a hug

Popcorn as a gift

Photo credit: Popcorn Shed

Stress and burnout are no joke. In those stressful moments, don’t we all just want a little TLC. Know someone who is having a tough time with stress and burnout? Some popcorn, a candle, and a soothing scent to relax and ease into sleep at night would make a perfect gift box to show your love and care.

  • All-time favourite Sweet & Salty Popcorn (80g) by Popcorn Shed is the perfect companion for a stay-in movie night.
  • Sleep Well Aromatherapy Roller Ball (10ml) by To Be Calm is a thoughtful companion that delivers a soothing and calming scent to prepare for a good night's sleep with calming ingredients such as Clary Sage, Lavender, Valerian, and Vetiver.
  • Soothe Mini Soy Candle (Sandalwood & Amber) (120g) by To Be Calm, designed to calm anxieties and enhance deep relaxation.

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#3 The Take-It-Nice-and-Knee-sy Package for the injured one

Chocolate snack as a gift

Photo credit: Krakakoa

No one likes being injured, but everyone likes getting a gift. If you know someone who has been hobbling around on one foot due to an injury, you could put a little extra thought into what can keep them occupied while recovering from their injury.

Here’s what you can include in the Take-It-Nice-and-Knee-sy gift hamper:

  • Baguette Dark Milk Chocolate Bark (100g) by Krakakoa, a snackable chocolate bark combining handcrafted Baguette bread with dark milk chocolate. A truly addictive anytime treat.
  • Yuzu & Ginger Sparkling Prebiotic Drink (300ml) by Shozu, the warmth of ginger combined with citrusy yuzu makes this drink a delicious and tasty choice for your good box.
  • Rioja Smoked Paprika Chips (100g) by Pafritasinspired by the popular Spanish dish, Rioja Potato Stew, Pafritas put together Spanish Agria Potato and a touch of holm smoked paprika from La Vera PDO to create this unique flavour.
  • Butterfingers Drip Coffee by Hook Coffeethe luscious mouthfeel and distinctly buttery and toffee-sweet taste is so indulgent one might even consider skipping dessert. 
  • Sprouted Superfoods Peri Peri (150g) by With Love, Gretel, a flaming spicy & super savoury snack!

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#4 The Comforting Package for those resting off post-surgery

Veggie growing kit as a gift

Photo credit: Farmcity

Surgery? You might be tempted to order a bunch of flowers and call it a day. But there are also tons of other gift ideas to brighten up someone’s day and help them feel less bored when being cooped up in the hospital for an extended period.

Here are some items you can fill your Comforting care package with:

  • Mighty Veggie Growing Starter Kit by Farmcity this starter kit for urban farmers has everything one needs to get the growing started.
  • Creamy Coffee Milk Chocolate (50g) by Krakakoa a creamy, velvety blend of aromatic Robusta and Arabica beans makes for an addictive latte in every bite.
  • Sprouted Superfoods Salted Caramel (150g) by With Love, Greteltastes like yummy popcorn but is a guilt-free indulgence.

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#5 The Tough-It-Out Package for the brave ones who are fighting serious illness with prolonged treatment

Say 'You Got This' with To Be Calm Aromatherapy Rollerball

It’s hard to hear a friend telling you that they have been diagnosed with something like cancer. Sending out a gift to show them how much you care is even harder since, after all, no one can fully understand a cancer patient's experience until they've gone through it themselves.

Here’s our suggestion for the encouragement your friend will need:

  • Happiness Mini Soy Candle (120g) by To Be Calm filled any room with cheery radiance, this soy candle contains notes of sweet honey and smoky hay, guaranteed to spark joy anywhere.
  • You Got This Aromatherapy Roller Ball by To Be Calm, designed to deliver positivity, keeping the mind engaged whilst providing calming and soothing properties that react to soothe emotions, calm oneself down, and reduce anxiety. 
  • Sprouted Superfoods Natural Baked (150g) by With Love, Gretel, creamy, crunchy, sweet and is easy on the tummy too!
  • Golden Tippy Dan Hong Tea (50g) by Parchmen & Co A beautiful tea-buds-only tea processed into a highly oxidised red tea or 'hongcha'. Sweet light, and easy to drink, it is a great tea to pair with a healthy breakfast any day.
  • Powderbark Honey (300g) by Honey In The Garden — this honey comes from the nectar of the Ironbark trees in Western Australia and boasts a lovely buttery-smooth texture as well as a mild hint of toffee and candy floss undertones.

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Wrapping it up

If you’ve been on the receiving end before, you’ll know how a gift box or going the extra mile is much more appreciated than a quick "get well soon" text message. We appreciate the gifts and actions, but most of the time we appreciate the thoughts that others have for us and our health.

P.S: Don’t forget we can offer the same-day delivery option for you to cheer someone up when they need it the most!

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