Essential Energy Boosts: Coffee, Tea & Alternatives

Essential Energy Boosts: Coffee, Tea & Alternatives

“Drink the coffee, then do the other stuff” - Does it sound like anyone you know? Or does it describe your exact Monday morning and every day after that? :)

Coffee is the go-to morning beverage for many of us. Who are we kidding - it’s like the sacred part of our morning routine and the very first thing we do when a new day begins. But if you’re simply not a big fan of coffee, or your stomach just cannot handle all the side effects, or you’re bored and want to shake up your morning routine in a different way, there are plenty of coffee alternatives that are good to the last drop. 

Whether you still want to stick to the caffeine boost or you prefer to make a (fair) trade, let’s consider our suggestions for coffee, tea, and other caffeine alternatives that promise to offer the same great taste and still benefit as your morning lattes.

#1 Take your morning coffee to the next level

Let’s face it: a good cup of coffee can make or break your day ahead. And a good cup of coffee is the one beautifully brewed to our standards.  The bad news is that it usually requires a lot of effort to make it perfect, from selecting high-quality beans, determining the coffee to water ratio,  proper equipment handling, and so on. 

The good news is that Hook Coffee has made things super easy for us. High quality, freshness, interesting flavors, funny names, and affordable prices - what’s not to like about their drip coffee bags? Most importantly, if you aim to ditch the instant and get it brewed but you’re usually in a morning rush, nothing can beat these convenient pocket-sized coffee drip bags from Hook Coffee.

#2 Boost your morning energy with a cup of tea

There's no doubt that coffee can give you that immediate buzz you need to find the energy to go through whatever the day throws at you, but caffeinated teas can also provide you that morning boost with a more diverse spectrum of caffeine levels.

With the delightful and fruity collection of OFFBLAK Tea, you are sure to find something that appeals to your tastes and energy preferences. 

#3 Shake up your morning routine with other caffeine alternatives

An honest truth: As much as we love coffee’s energy lift, excessive coffee drinking is not always the healthiest option. Luckily, caffeine isn’t the only choice for you to fight the fatigue and pump a bit of pep into your day. The next time you’re tempted to pour another cup of coffee, consider one of these delicious caffeine alternatives instead.

  • PerfectTed Pineapple Yuzu Sparkling Matcha Drink: This all-natural energy drink made from real juice and organic matcha offers you a unique alternative to coffee’s bitter taste, multiplying many benefits of green tea and avoiding jitteriness or any unwanted caffeine side effects at the same time.
  • Zinger Organic Ginger Vegan Shot: Using pressed ginger root instead of ginger powder and pressed apple juice to ensure an intense and refreshing flavour, this ginger shot may be the answer for those who prefer a daily natural boost without caffeine loaded energy drinks.
  • Genie Kombucha: This 100% vegan fruity drink with a caffeine dose far lower than coffee is an excellent way to improve your mood, keep fatigue at bay and enhance your energy levels throughout the day.

Ready for your energy fix?

There are plenty of energy-packed beverages for you to kickstart your morning, and we’ve had them all. Take a look at the Good Market by GiftGood and decide which one is best suited for your daily energy needs. 

Know someone who needs energy-boosting drinks? Personalise a gift box for them with Build Your GiftGood Box. They will love it, and you!

Drinks aside, remember that we can all increase our energy naturally by maintaining healthy sleep habits, consistent work-out routines, as well as a healthy and balanced diet. Wake up and stay energised, everyone!

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