A Case Study: How RELEX Won Over C-Suite Executives with Thoughtful Gifting

A Case Study: How RELEX Won Over C-Suite Executives with Thoughtful Gifting

When it comes to sales prospecting, the first impression is everything, especially when you're aiming to reach C-suite executives. The first gift you send can set the tone for your entire business relationship, showcasing your commitment to quality, innovation, and value - and you must know that a generic gift just won’t do. 

When RELEX Solutions approached us to create an executive gift box for their top prospects, we knew it had to be something extraordinary. In this case study, we share how we helped RELEX make a memorable impact with eco-friendly, high-quality gifts that perfectly aligned with their brand values.

The client and project | An insight into RELEX’s gifting initiative

RELEX Solutions, a pioneer in unified supply chain and retail planning, is renowned for aligning and optimising various aspects of the value chain - from demand and merchandising to supply chain operations and production planning.

To stand out to C-suite executives, RELEX needed a unique approach. We worked together on a project to create around 150 premium, eco-friendly gift boxes, each budgeted at $60-$80. The goal was to deliver gifts that mirrored RELEX's high standards and sustainable practices, creating a strong touchpoint that can lead to meaningful business engagements.

The challenge | The high standards of C-Suite gifting

Designing the perfect gift for C-suite executives is no easy task. It demands a balance of creativity, quality, and strategic insight to truly stand out. Here’s what we needed to consider:

  • Eco-friendly and Sustainable Products: The gifts had to reflect RELEX’s dedication to sustainability, featuring eco-friendly and ethically sourced items.
  • Premium Quality: The gifts had to be of the highest quality, fitting for C-suite executives who expect nothing but the best.
  • Fresh and Innovative Ideas: The gifts needed to be conversation starters, something that busy executives would remember and talk about.
  • Customisation with Branding: Each item had to be a canvas for RELEX’s logo and colours, making the gift unmistakably theirs.
  • Regional Fulfilment and Coordination: With a reach across Southeast Asia, from Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia to Vietnam, coordination and timely delivery were critical.

The solution | A perfect mix of premium and eco-friendly gifting

A look inside the final gift set - Custom gift recommendations & production

  • Branded Recycled Coffee Cup by Huskee: Made from upcycled bean husks, a by-product of coffee processing often discarded by growers, it's the eco-friendly choice that's more chip-resistant than ceramic, and more heat-retentive than glass. We call it ‘the coffee revolution’!
  • Branded Jesmonite Coaster by Jhoou Studio: Small in size, big in impact - this is a coaster that can add both style and functionality to any living space or office. 
  • Ethically-sourced Drip Coffee Bags by Hook Coffee: If you aim to ditch the instant and get it brewed but you’re usually in a morning rush, nothing can beat these convenient and high-quality coffee drip bags.
  • Branded Upcycled Toiletry Bag by Dòng Dòng: A unique toiletry bag made from upcycled tarps - the one that is durable, sustainable, lightweight, water-resistant, and can serve you well through long and short trips. 
  • Premium Gift Box with Custom Printed Design: Each item was carefully arranged in a premium gift box with a custom printed design, ensuring a luxurious unboxing experience.
  • Collateral Inserts: Informative inserts from RELEX added a personalised touch to each gift box.

Going an extra mile - Adding value with thoughtful service

RELEX Gift Set
  • Transparent Budgeting and Forecast: Budgeting shouldn’t be a guessing game. Unlike many swag companies that leave you in the dark, we took the time to research and shed light on detailed estimates for shipping fees, customs duties, and taxes right from the start for RELEX. This proactive approach means our client can budget accurately and avoid any last-minute surprises.
  • Optimised Package Sizes for Cost Savings: By optimising the parcel sizes, we ensured cost-effective shipping while maintaining the gifts’ premium presentation.
  • Regional Shipping Coordination: From meticulously checking and confirming addresses to providing tracking links and updates, we acted as RELEX’s behind-the-scenes support team. Throughout the process, we professionally represented RELEX, leaving a positive impression on their sales prospects.
  • Going Above & Beyond Service: We included complimentary insertion of their collaterals, added a personalised touch with handwritten names on each message card, and provided additional protective wrapping to minimise parcel damage. We took on the coordination with various partners, saving RELEX time and hassle, and offered prompt and smooth customer support as an extension of their marketing team, handling everything from ideation to doorstep fulfilment. Our service was designed with their best interests in mind, enabling them to bring refreshing, unique campaigns to life, even with a small team.

The outcome | Success in every box

The feedback from RELEX Solutions’ gift recipients was overwhelmingly positive, leading to numerous meetings and demos with C-suite prospects and achieving a strong double-digit conversion rate. Impressive, isn’t it?

Feeling inspired?

We’d love to help you achieve the same success, even if you’re running a small team.

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