Festive-Forward: Unboxing CEFC’s Socially Impactful CNY Corporate Gifts

Festive-Forward: Unboxing CEFC’s Socially Impactful CNY Corporate Gifts

Gone are the days when corporate gifting was synonymous with generic branded swag that often ended up forgotten in a drawer. Think about it – when have these items ever left a lasting impression or been of real use? Today's corporate gifting landscape demands more than just a logo on a forgettable item; it calls for thoughtful, memorable, and practical gifts that truly resonate with the recipients.

In the following case study with CEFC, we unfold a story of corporate gifting redefined — a testament to how gifts, when given thoughtfully, can resonate deeply and foster genuine connections.

The client | CEFC

Far more than just a neighbourhood church, Covenant EFC stands as a mission-focused community. Covenant EFC is a family of three worship centres, a central equipping and corporate centre, New Life Community Services (a mid-size charity with IPC status), a regional Missions organisation, and the Global Alliance of Intentional Disciple Making Churches.

(Source: CEFC)

The challenge | Mindful gifting on a budget

Our mission? To create 100 budget-friendly, yet beautiful, practical and sustainable Chinese New Year gift bags for CEFC's staff and members. 

We were all in to make this happen, but of course, navigating this project was not a walk in the park, and here’s why:

  • Budgeting Smart: Our goal was to ensure each gift bag, priced between $30-$40, was not only affordable but also rich in value and significance.
  • Going Green: The bags needed to be attractive and functional, designed to be kept and reused.
  • Tradition-Meets-Modernity Selection: We aimed to encapsulate the essence of Chinese New Year, curating gifts that are locally made and positively impactful.
  • Speedy Delivery: With just a 3-week window to get everything from zero to hero, we were on our toes to make it happen on time, especially during the festive peak.
  • Resource Limitation: CEFC didn’t have in-house design and content creation teams, so we needed to provide additional assistance with our creativity and resourcefulness.

The solution | A triple win of ‘affordable, practical, and sustainable’

What’s inside the final gift bag?

  • Yellow Ribbon Bakery Cookies: Halal-certified and crafted with care by the inmate-bakers of Changi Prison, these delicious treats are just a perfect choice for corporate gifts to convey a message of care and community support.
  • Gryphon Sparkling Cold Brew Tea: This isn't your average tea. This modern take on traditional tea, featuring cold-brewed Osmanthus Sencha with a twist of passionfruit and effervescence, not only delights the senses but also fuels your festive activities with a natural, invigorating boost.
  • Lucky Mandarin Oranges: No Chinese New Year is right without a pair of fresh mandarin oranges, packed with luck and juicy joy.
  • Eco-Friendly Tote Bag: This effortlessly casual-cool tote bag redefines packaging with its simple yet fetching design. It’s made to be used, tougher than it looks, and stands as proof that thoughtful packaging can be far from unused and wasted.

Going above and beyond service

At GiftGood, we're passionate about going the extra mile for our clients. For CEFC's gift bags, we have provided comprehensive support, from designing eye-catching bags and cards to composing compelling background story for the featured products in each gift bag. Our efficient production timeline and flexible weekend delivery schedule were all geared towards meeting CEFC's needs with care and thoughtfulness. 

Ending on a GOOD note

With CEFC’ Impacting Gifting project, we’re reminded that corporate gifting can shine with meaning and impact, no matter the budget or time constraints. Why settle for the usual large hampers during CNY, Hari Raya, or Christmas when you can go for something uniquely heartwarming? 

If you need a pair of helping hands to make your next corporate gifting projects resonate with care and purpose, we’re here to help. Get in touch with us now and create some magic together!


This project was made possible by:
Client Coordinator: Eva Ang, CEFC
Corporate Sales Manager: Kok Shee Mun, GiftGood
Operations & Support: Minnie Bui, GiftGood

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