15+ Boss’s Day Gift Ideas to Make Your Leader Smile

15+ Boss’s Day Gift Ideas to Make Your Leader Smile

Guess what? Boss’s Day is a real deal.

Mark your calendars because Boss's Day is almost here (October 16), and it's the perfect occasion to give a shout-out to the awesome bosses and work mentors who make work more enjoyable and meaningful. 

We all know that having a supportive manager means that our work-life can be ten times better. For the lucky ones with a boss who’s not just a leader but also a mentor and friend, saying thanks with a little gift on the upcoming Boss’s Day, no matter how small, is a great way to show your appreciation. 

Keep in mind that you don’t want to seem like you’re trying to win brownie points with your boss. Setting an appropriate budget is key, and that number can depend on factors like your salary, your role, and how long you’ve been working alongside your boss. 

We’ve rounded up here a range of boss-approved gifts that toe the line between being thoughtful, work-appropriate, and fun. From desk accessories to delightful snacks that show your attention to their snacktime preferences, this list has something for everyone.

Boss’s Day Gifts For Him

#1 Inspire Gift Box

Inspire Gift Box

Filled with a collection of work-day must-haves, this gift is sure to ignite his inspiration and keep his motivation soaring. 

#2 Merci Gift Box

Merci Gift Box

Good vibes and gratitude combined! Packed with considerate essentials for those on-the-go coffee cravings and stress-free travels, this gift conveys your thanks to the boss beautifully.

#3 Sage Gift Box

Sage Gift Box

Looking to impress your male boss? This curated collection of desk goodies is sure to bring some serious style and flair to his workspace. 

#4 The Connoisseur’s Set with a Whiskey Crystal Nosing Glass

The Connoisseur’s Set with 1 Whiskey Crystal Nosing Glass

If your boss is a wine lover, let’s add some style and sophistication into his whiskey moments this October 16.

#5 Eco Champion Gift Box

Eco Champion Gift Box

For the boss who is mindful about our planet Earth, you can always say ‘thank you’ to him in an eco-conscious way. This gift box is a green, grateful, and awesome gift all rolled into one for Boss’s Day!

Boss’s Day Gifts For Her

#6 Office Pamper Gift Box

Office Pamper Gift Box

After all, her thoughtful leadership has the power to boost you up in remarkable ways. This Boss’s Day, let’s show her some gratitude with a gift set that can turn any desk into a serene retreat. 

#7 She Rocks Gift Box

She Rocks Gift Box

Treat your female boss to a dose of empowerment with She Rocks! This stylish gift set features handpicked items from women-led brands around Asia - perfect to celebrate her strength and leadership.

#8 Firework Dried Bouquet

Firework Dried Bouquet

After all, what's the easiest way to make a woman smile? A vibrant bouquet, of course!

#9 Mindfulness Gift Box

Mindfulness Gift Box

Looking for a Boss’ Day gift to encourage her to take a break and embrace some well-deserved me-time? This gift box is here to do just that. 

#10 Empower Gift Box

Empower Gift Box

We get it - work-life for a lady boss can be quite the balancing act, and the journey to success for her isn't always a walk in the park. This gift is here to remind her that she's rocking it. It’s all about looking sharp and feeling unstoppable - no excuse!

Planning a one-of-a-kind gift hamper for Boss’s Day?

Individual gift items for Boss's Day

You’re in the driver’s seat! Get creative with these unique gift items that can be added to your custom Boss Day gift box:

#11 Huskee Cup: An eco-conscious choice that combines style with sustainability for delightful coffee sips and a waste-free lifestyle.

#12 Amie Wine: Raising a glass to your amazing boss this Boss's Day with a delicious range of vegan wines is always a good idea.

#13 Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover A5 Notebook: Ideal for capturing those moments of inspiration and reflection, it will help your boss set new heights with confidence.

#14 To Be Calm USB Essential Oil Diffuser: This cool gift will bring the magic of aromatherapy to the office and sprinkle some positivity into your boss’s workday.

#15 Jellycat Silly Succulent Columnar Cactus: A plump and lovable plant with a big name and an even bigger sense of humour - for the boss who’s the office jokester, this gift is a home run on Boss’s Day!

#16 Fossa Chocolate: Rooted in Singapore, this artisanal bean-to-bar chocolate is the answer for the boss with a craving for sweetness.

#17 DDSG Upcycled Bum Bag: A unique token of appreciation made from upcycled materials - it's a practical Boss’s Day gift that encourages sustainable living. 

#18 Stojo Collapsible Pocket Cup & Bowl: Don’t miss it! Stojo is a game-changer for eco-friendly sipping and dining on the go. 

#19 Personalised photo frame: You can make Boss's Day even more special by including a custom photo frame showcasing the best moments of him or her in the office. It’ll be a token of the special bond you share and also a reminder of the great times ahead.

#20 Personalised message cards: Don't forget to accompany your Boss's Day gift with a handwritten card. Share how your boss has positively impacted your work life, and it's a personal touch that will mean the world.

So, Go Ahead and Make Your Boss’s Day

Whether you go for the classic, the practical, or the humorous, your boss will surely feel cherished. And for all you last-minute shoppers, remember that we have your back with same-day delivery in Singapore. Pick a curated gift hamper or customise your own gift box now.

Happy Boss's Day!

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