Birthday gift ideas will impress men of all ages

Birthday gift ideas will impress men of all ages

If you’re shopping for a birthday of a man in your life, one fact is true: Men are sometimes notoriously hard to gift for. There’s always this dad who insists he has already got everything or that husband who never drops any hints about what he wants for his birthday. And there’s the boyfriend who changes tastes way too often or a close male friend who never remembers to give you his birthday wish list.

Well, you can always go with the option of a new shirt and a pair of ties, but we know you want to surprise him with something more thoughtful and creative than that. No matter your recipient, we promise he will love at least one, if not many more, of these following birthday gift ideas you can add to your next birthday gift box for him. 

Before we go into the details, just a quick note that our recommendations below feature products listed on our platform and are available as gift delivery in Singapore. For gift delivery options in other cities, simply search for equivalent options you can access over there and support local businesses.  

Birthday gift ideas for his fabulous 21

He might have been able to legally drink for three years, but that does not mean his 21st birthday isn’t a huge milestone. A boy has become a man, and you know what that means — it’s time for a special gift box to celebrate his big birthday right. 

  • The Uncommon Bubble White Wine: Wine ages and this refreshing wine bottle is a thoughtful gift to remind him that things do get better with time. 
  • Galipette Brut Cider: A winningly juicy cider with lively apple flavor and gentle bubbles is just what we call a party in a bottle.
  • Sweet treats: What kind of celebration would it be without some sweet treats? You can never go wrong with a birthday gift box full of delicious popcorn, chocolate, and biscuits. Here are our recommendations:
    • Serious Popcorn Dark Chocolate Drizzle: Marrying Real Belgian chocolate with classic sweet & salty popcorn, this one is a more unique choice and a crowd favorite
    • Hip Chocolate Salty Pretzels Oat Milk Chocolate: A sweet & savory sensation
    • Love Cocoa Salted Caramel Biscuits: Rich, buttery biscuits with salted caramel chunks enrobed in a velvety chocolate shell. Perfect for dipping into a warming mug of hot chocolate!

Birthday gift ideas for his amazing 30

For a lot of men, turning 30 is when they realize that their hangovers get way, way worse than before; nobody judges him as harshly as he thinks, and it is also a great time for him to reflect on where he is in life, and set goals for the future. A unique birthday gift to set him up for professional success might be a good idea on his big 3-0 day.

  • Hook Coffee: The pocket-sized coffee drip bags from Hook Coffee are promised to take his morning coffee to the next level and energize him every day at work. 
  • Carter Move Mug 16oz (Matte Black): In addition to looking cool as heck, a mug that can retain heat for 12 hours and stay cold for 24 hours is just perfect for the man who works hard and travels harder.
  • To Be Calm Focus Aromatherapy Roller Ball: Containing all-natural essential oils, this roller ball is ideal for a quick re-centering of his mind and improving focus. 
  • Leuchtturm1917 Hard Cover A5 Notebook (Navy): This is the perfect sized notebook with plenty of room for him to jot down notes and ideas for the future.
  • Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen (Black): This Parker Jotter ballpoint pen offers a modern take on a classic design, with stunning details that make it a refined gift for every special occasion.

Birthday gift ideas for his awesome 40

No age bears as much weight as 40 for a man in his life. Some men dread the onset of middle age, but others accept it, embrace it, and roll with it. “I wish I practiced living authentically, truly cherished my family, and cared about my health more seriously” is just a kind of “what if” a man who passes 40 can have. So why not send him a 40th practical birthday gift that reminds him to prioritize his health more often this year?

  • OFFBLAK Herbal Tea: Upgrading his tea game with these natural herbal tea bags will make a cool birthday gift this year. They are delicious, and convenient and who doesn’t like a cuppa? Consider Nicely Spicy, Sleep Breezy, and Down Time flavors for your gift box.
  • KHUSH Organic Granola & KHUSH Brown Rice Puffs: These simple yet perfectly healthy treats can make a huge difference to his breakfast and snacking routine, as well as his overall health.

Birthday gift ideas for his delightful 50

At the age of 50, he may have accomplished a lot of things in life. Age 50, after all, is over the hill, past the meadow, and on to bigger and better things on the other side. On this 50th birthday, he can finally leave many worries behind and embrace life to its fullest. A birthday gift that encourages him to slow down and breathe will be a perfect pick. 

  • To Be Calm Jet Lag Massage Oil: This product is a perfect helper if his body feels sluggish, congested, or needs a boost from time to time.
  • To Be Calm Relax Hand & Body Wash: Made with all-natural ingredients, this body nourishing product is promised to wash away the stresses of the day and invite calm and serenity into his life.
  • To Be Calm Soothe Mini Soy Candle (Sandalwood & Amber): Made of pure soy wax, this candle does not just smell incredible - it can also allow your man to come into a deep relaxation mode. 

Birthday gift ideas for his memorable 60

When your man turns 60, he likely knows what he wants in life, yet might still insist on wanting nothing on his birthday. Despite his certainties, there is still a range of meaningful and thoughtful gifts you can choose from to pleasantly surprise him and perhaps encourage him to pick up a new routine or hobby.

  • Parchmen & Co Tea: If he is no longer a daily coffee drinker at the age of 60, enjoying a cup of tea by brewing tea leaves (and not the quick-and-easy tea bags) will be an ideal alternative that keeps him coming back for another sip. Top it up with a set of teapot and tea cups would be superb.
  • Farmcity Mighty Veggie Growing Starter Kit: Sending him this fun gardening interactive game as a 60th birthday gift is sure to give your man heart-eyes.  
  • Mekomo Modern Chinese Calligraphy of Gratefulness: Who says men in their 60s cannot enjoy the meaning and beauty of modern Chinese calligraphy? Let’s be grateful for life as we age. 

Now, it’s time to show him how much you care

After all, you don't have to spend a lot to say a lot. Go to Build Your Good Box to start curating your very own personalized birthday gift for the important man in your life. Don’t forget to add a sentimental card that can go a long way and enjoy your same-day delivery option if you’re shopping at the last minute. 

And if all else fails, make sure to spend some quality time with him on his special day, and as often as you can. Quality time is probably the most meaningful yet underrated gift on your shopping list.

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