15+ birthday gift ideas to celebrate her big day

15+ birthday gift ideas to celebrate her big day

Birthday is simply a great opportunity to show the lady in your life some love. Of course, most of the time your wife, girlfriend, mother, sister, coworker, teen daughter, or best friend will just appreciate whatever you give her on her birthday. However, when it comes to picking the perfect birthday gift, you might want her to be wow-ed by how fun, trendy, unique, or personal it is.

Whether we’re talking about a gift for your devoted mom on her 50th, a loving sister on her 18th, or your ultra-chic bestie on her 30th, you really can’t go wrong if you stick to our list below. Keep on reading to discover the best birthday gifts to level up your gifting game.

#1 Birthday gift ideas for her sweet 18th birthday

Birthdays usually come and go, but there’s nothing quite like your 18th birthday. The big 1-8 is a huge milestone for young women, and you certainly want to buy the birthday girl one of the best presents that live up to the occasion. So go on and celebrate her big day in style with this unique box of sweet treats. 

  • Love Cocoa Biscuits (175g):  Want to give her a leveled-up version of the everyday ordinary bakes? This series of buttery biscuits by Love Cocoa is a fabulous idea for her sweet 18th birthday party.
  • Serious Cookies (170g): Cookies are gifts that are sure to delight all ages and tastes at all times. This collection of cookies by Serious Food is just as fun to look at as they are to eat!
  • PerfectTed Sparkling Matcha Drink (250ml): The birthday girl will thank you for this gift when she studies for exams. PerfectTed is a healthy & tasty way to stay energized — this guilt-free natural energy drink is made of real fruit juice and ceremonial grade matcha with no sugar added. 

#2 Birthday gift ideas for her special 21st birthday

While you're technically a grown-up at the age of 18, the 21st birthday just hits...different. Legally consuming alcohol and the world seeing you as an even more mature adult, the big 2-1 marks one of the most exciting (and also a bit chaotic) milestones for the lady in your life. Make her birthday extra special this year with our range of birthday gifts below.

#3 Birthday gift ideas for her perfect 30th birthday

Saying goodbye to the 20s is a pretty huge deal for everybody, so this occasion necessitates an increased level of effort for gift-givers. When in doubt, just go for something simple and practical that she will use. Keep reading to discover our top picks for the best 30th birthday gifts for her.

  • Handmade Heroes Beauty Warrior Face Mask Kit: Once she hits 30, her standards for skincare are sure to go way up. Your 30-year-old lady won’t be able to get enough of this face mask kit by Handmade Heroes.
  • MIRA Handmade Candle: This series of beautifully designed candles by MIRA will have her smitten. Deliciously aromatic and visually appealing, it’s just simply irresistible. 
  • Purple & Pure Incense Sticks: If your birthday lady is into yoga and meditation of any kind, or just needs to calm her sense at times, she will thank you for these flower-based organic incense sticks. 

#4 Birthday gift ideas for her delightful 40th birthday

People often say the 40s are your new 30s or “Age ain't nothing but a number” - Mary J. Blige. Yet turning 40 is still something to remember, whether the woman in your life likes it or not. At this age, she might be focused on upgrading her lifestyle on some level and want something fun yet useful. Treat your favorite 40-year-old to a thoughtful range of perfect birthday gifts below.


#5 Birthday gift ideas for her memorable 50th birthday and beyond

Some women dread turning half a century while the others embrace it. Whatever the case is, you can count on these suggestions of birthday gifts that are bound to impress her and make her feel special this year.

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