17 birthday gift ideas for every type of guy

17 birthday gift ideas for every type of guy

The men in your life might be the hardest person to shop for. You might have dated him for more than a decade and run out of creative ideas. Or he might be one of the meticulous colleagues that you have just known for a while and are not sure about his taste. Then he might be the impossible-to-shop-for dad that always claims he does not need anything. Or he might be a Gen Z brother who lives in a strange world to you and never gets your obsession with Harry Potter. 

Finding cool, practical birthday gifts for guys is indeed a time-consuming but exciting challenge. If you are not sure about what to put into his birthday gift box this year, check out our suggestions of the most thoughtful gifts to include in your next GiftGood Box for him.

#1 Birthday gift for the fitness guy

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We’ve all got a fitness-obsessed man in our lives who loves logging hours at the gym or sweating at home doing virtual workout classes. Let’s check out some gift ideas that you could use to impress even the most dedicated fitness man in his birthday this year:

  • Organic chia seeds & cacao nibs clusters (75g) by Bruneus: These organic superfoods will give your avid exerciser an added boost to make it through a tough workout.
  • Protein and vitamin balls (45g) with different flavours by The Protein Ball Co.: Another perfect healthy pre workout and post workout snack that your man will love!
  • Organic Ginger Vegan Shot (70ml) by Zinger: An organic and dairy-free drink for your fitness-lover to refresh, recover and refuel! This little drink comes with a big zing, and is the healthy, perfect alternative to sugary and caffeine.

#2 Birthday gift for the book-lover

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So what can you get as a gift for the avid reader in your life? A book? The only problem here is that – with all the books he has consumed – do you know exactly what he has read, and would love to read?

Let’s try thinking outside of the box, or outside of the book. This is a bookworm-friendly gift basket that can take his reading to the next level.

  • To Be Calm Harmony Mini Soy Candle (Sea Salt & Eucalyptus) (120g) by To Be Calm: As for what candles to burn while reading, this scent of the beach would set a perfect stage for his reading ritual and gets him into the relaxation mode.
  • Parchmen & Co Lao Cong Shui Xian Tea (5 x 8g) by Parchmen & Co: Let’s keep him hydrated with some tea when reading for long hours. 
  • With Love, Gretel Sprouted Almonds Natural Baked (150g) by With Love, Gretel: Snacks near a book is always a dangerous game, except for these healthy, crunchy and fresh nuts.

#3 Birthday gift for the hard-worker

Photo Credit: To Be Calm

For the workaholic husband or boyfriend, do buy them something that you know they will actually use in their day-to-day activities.  

Here are some items to include in a gift hamper that would make his life so much easier:

  • Focus and Clear Mind Aromatherapy Roller Ball (10ml) by To Be Calm: An ideal present to provide extra support for his brain and help him focus while studying or working. This rollerball is super convenient to carry around too. 
  • To Be Calm Jet Lag Massage & Body Oil (100ml) by To Be Calm: An essential product designed for healing muscle pain when he spends a lot of time on a computer or usually gets work done while travelling around.

#4 Birthday gift for the sweet tooth 

Photo Credit: Marou

If the birthday man is a dessert person, you can easily treat him with this collection of delightfully sweet chocolate, snacks and specialty drinks.

  • Marou Tien Giang 70% Dark Chocolate (24g) by Marou: Who does not want to be showered with this level of goodness made from the finest cocoas grown in Vietnam?
  • Serious Peanut Butter & Almond Popcorn (80g) by Serious Food Co:  Everything is simply irresistible about this perfect balance of peanut butter and almond.
  • Genie Sweet Citrus Kombucha (330ml) by Genie Kombucha: This fruity yummy soda will delight the man who can't get enough of the sweet treats!

#5 Birthday gift for the coffee addict

Photo Credit: Fellow

Coffee is a common morning pick-me-up for many individuals. But for some, coffee is a hobby, a personality trait, a sport — a way of life. Here are some birthday gifts any coffee enthusiast will enjoy:

  • Drip Coffee Bags by Hook Coffee: This is a series of coffee bags encapsulated some fabulous flavours and already packed up to be used in a quick and convenient way.
  • Carter Move Mug 16oz by Fellow: Any coffee lover would love a mug that maintains his coffee at a precise temperature from the first sip to the last. Designed with smart features like a snap-in splash guard to make sip-on-the-go experience convenient and fuss-free too!

#6 Birthday gift for the urban farmer

Photo Credit: Farmcity

Looking for a little “green” gift for your man on his coming up birthday? Farmcity’s Mighty Veggie Growing Starter Kit by Farmcity will make a really fun gift for any quirky plant loving dad or husband.

#7 Birthday gift for the party lover

Photo Credit: Galipette Cider

If you want to rock up with a great gift hamper to get the party started for someone important, here are some suggestions that you can never go wrong with:

  • The Uncommon Bubble White Wine (250ml) by The Uncommon: When everything goes wrong, go right with bright and refreshing wine.
  • Galipette Brut Cider (330ml) by Galipette: This fermented apple juice is a perfect way to incorporate a party-loving lifestyle into the gift
  • Craft Beers (375ml) by Boatrocker Brewers & Distillers: This is a delicious assortment of craft beers that will satisfy any beer connoisseur in your life.

Bonus: Build A Party Box for the surprise birthday party

Planning to have friends and family over for the surprise birthday party? You can easily customise a Party Box from a range of delicious, fun, and unique snacks and drinks with Build Your Good Box. Order before 11:00m to receive these goodies on the same day in Singapore. 

We’ve got it all covered so go on, surprise him and make his birthday a truly memorable one this year!

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