Sweet anniversary gift ideas to say ‘I love you!’

Sweet anniversary gift ideas to say ‘I love you!’

Anniversary Gift Ideas
When two people decide to settle down and become committed to each other, they are officially introduced to a new way of keeping track of time: the anniversary clock. Whether you’re celebrating your first year of marriage or 25+ years together, one thing rings true - all anniversaries are worth celebrating. Some use this as an opportunity to go all out on a fancy dinner or a cross-country road trip, while others might want to keep things more low-key with a sweet and cosy movie night. No matter what activities you decide to do together on that big day, a meaningful anniversary gift is the cherry on top for any anniversary date.

While browsing for the perfect anniversary gift, keep their interests and your shared hobbies in mind, and if you’re still at a loss for ideas, we've got you covered with our list of anniversary gift ideas. No matter if you’re shopping for him, her, or any couple you love, you’re bound to find something they’ll cherish in our list below. 

Sweet anniversary gifts for her

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her
Image by Handmade Heroes
Jewellery is usually a classic safe bet, especially if it’s glittering with diamonds, but it’s not necessary to break the bank to treat her to something more heartfelt. Read on for thoughtful and affordable anniversary gift ideas that will make her feel seen and appreciated. 
  • Peco Bag Foldable Reusable Bag: Make her grocery shopping a nicer experience with this durable, foldable, reusable bag. As a bonus, Peco Bags act more like an accessory than a merely functional piece, so this is a great choice if your girlfriend or wife is a stylish eco-warrior! 
  • Dong Dong Sai Gon Recycled Tote Bag: Every woman should own a tote bag that can carry it all. Dong Dong Sai Gon is one of our favourite tote bag brands because of their selection of sustainable all-purpose daily totes that is a skillful blend of polish and practicality. 
  • Handmade Heroes Super Duper Nourishing Rose Body Scrub: Working alongside her go-to body wash and lotions, this body scrub is a great addition to her current routine for smooth and soft skin all year round. With shea butter, sugar, and almond oil, this Handmade Heroes’ option will prove efficacious time and time again. 
  • To Be Calm Mini Soy Candle: These candles gravitate toward warm and fresh scents that can help transform the mood and energy of any space. If you are planning a sweet movie date with her on your anniversary, this gift is the perfect mood-setter for the evening! 

Thoughtful anniversary gifts for him

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Him
Image by Parker
While it’s always a good idea to find some time to engage in his passions, like braving some scenic trails or whipping up delicious meals in the kitchen, spoiling him with an impressive gift on your anniversary can also do wonders. And while guys are debatably difficult to shop for, we guarantee these anniversary gift ideas for him are fail-proof. 
  • Dong Dong Sai Gon Upcycled Toiletry bag & Recycled Travel Tag: If he calls himself a true globetrotter or is simply a hardworking businessman who travels constantly, this minimal toiletry bag and sleek travel tag from Dong Dong Sai Gon will make a perfect anniversary gift for him.
  • SoL Bottle: It’s beautifully designed, functional, and lightweight while still being durable - an excellent everyday water bottle that he can use in the office, in the car, on the bed stand, and on the go.
  • To Be Calm Focus Aromatherapy Roller Ball: Work can become a little bit too much at times, so why not give his mental well-being a boost with this 100% natural ingredient roller ball by To Be Calm? As a bonus, he’ll think of you whenever he needs a little pick-me-up throughout the day.
  • Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover A5 Notebook: Penning down your thoughts and ideas can be a much more refreshing experience than you might think. When it comes to a high-quality work notebook that encourages fresh ideas and boosts productivity, Leuchtturm1917 deserves to be the top choice. Its wide range of cover colors from neutral to eye-catching makes it easy for you to pick one that suits his taste as well.
  • Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen: If you’ve decided to choose the Leuchtturm1917 Notebook as your anniversary gift for him, pair it with the elegant ballpoint pen from Parker. It's no exaggeration to say that Parker hit it big with the Jotter, a pen that not only looks like a luxury thanks to its all-metal construction but is also reliable and durable.

Heartfelt anniversary gifts for parents or couples you love

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Couples
Image by Sunday Bedding
If your parents have lived together for a long time, their relationship has probably taught you a lot about love, and you may be thinking of doing something special to celebrate them when their anniversary approaches. Here are some suggestions for anniversary gifts that can appeal to both of them or to any other couples that you adore. 
  • Sunday Bedding Bed Sheets: Bedding is a gift that checks all the boxes: beautiful, functional, comfortable, and meaningful. The super-soft, great-looking, and ethically-made sheets from Sunday Bedding can make a wonderful choice for any happy couple you love.
  • Photophactory Trays and Coaster Sets: You can never go wrong with an anniversary gift that adds a fun pop of colour to the couple’s living space. No matter their apartment’s interior decor style, the artsy trays and coaster sets by Photophactory can effortlessly shine while being versatile for use in dinner parties.
  • Miligram Custom Photo Prints: Hunt down an old wedding shot and a recent picture of your parents, add them to a lovely print by Miligram, and wait for the Most Thoughtful Child Ever award ;)

Looking for something extra sweet?

Now that we've highlighted some great gift ideas for anniversaries, you’re all ready for the big day! All that’s left is to head to Build Your Gift Box to curate your very own Anniversary Gift Box. Lean into the meaningful and make your anniversary feel even more special than the last!

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