12 swag box ideas to make your business shine

12 swag box ideas to make your business shine

Whether you’re a small business owner or currently running a big corporation, with the holiday season right around the corner and a new year quickly approaching, you must be thinking about how to better engage with potential customers, existing clients, and your own employees. After all, business growth comes down to connecting with others and building relationships. 

What is a company swag box?

Company swag box, which includes gifts and branded company merchandise you give out to those who matter to your organization, is a great tool to make your business stand out. Sending thoughtful, customized corporate holiday gifts to your employees and clients this holiday season is a fantastic way to show them how much you appreciate their hard work and support throughout the year and boost their spirits heading into a new calendar year.

While people love freebies, it doesn’t make picking out the right items and gifts for your company swag box any easier. Practical and creative corporate swag gifts lead to good vibes and gratitude; on the other hand, soulless and generic ones that nobody wants may do more harm than no swag at all. Luckily, we’ve put together a handy guide to some of our favorite company swag items this holiday season that suits every type of recipient you’re thinking of. 

#1 Swag box for the snacker

Employees everywhere have the habit of stocking up on tasty snacks to keep them focused and energized for whatever is thrown at them during a busy day of work. So, why not take the chance to create a swag box full of deskside healthy snacks to keep your employees staying fueled between hectic work meetings and demanding deadlines?

  • Cresc Bites Coconut Chips and Sweet Potato Chips: Cresc Bites makes incredible vegan-friendly chips, and their 100% organic coconut and potato chips just take it up a notch.
  • Dan’s Bites Brownie Crisp: With the perfect kick of dark chocolate, white chocolate, or milk tea, these brownie crisps are a delicious and filling snack option to much on. 
  • Confetti Chips: Its name can say it all - snacking on these chips is like having a confetti of flavors in your mouth.
  • IRVINS Salted Egg Fish Skin: Fried fish skin crisps seasoned with salted egg, curry leaves, and fiery red chili peppers - they have an awesome mixed flavor that makes them irresistible on their very own.
  • SPRICE Organic Brown Rice Crisps: This product can be the ultimate snack you’ll ever need on your work desk. Packed with 100% organic whole grain rice, no trans fat, and just 100 calories, these brown rice scrips make for a filling and delectable pick-me-up option.
  • Complete the experience with your branded box and a message card.

#2 Swag box for the writer

Although there’s a little chance you have a New York Times best-selling author working in your office, we bet that you do know someone who loves to write everything down. Here’s a collection of affordable and practical gifts for you to put in a swag box that can get those creative juices flowing. 

  • Leuchtturm1917 Hardcover A5 Notebook: A high-quality notebook by a 100-year-old stationery manufacturer is guaranteed to make an elegant gift for those who love to expand ideas on paper whenever inspiration strikes. Bonus, you can stylishly add your brand to these hard cover notebook with blind embossing method for a minimum of 50 pcs.
  • Parker Jotter Pen: Do you know a carefully matched journal and pen can make a valuable style statement? The ballpoint pen by the reputable Parker brand that comes in different colors can be that perfect match with Leuchtturm1917 notebook and promised to give you hours of joyful writing as well. Bonus, engraving their name to elevate the receiving experience. 
  • Complete the experience with your branded box and a message card.

#3 Swag box for the coffee drinker

Here’s what you can put in a swag box for those who consider coffee a style of life rather than a way to start their day.

  • Hook Coffee Drip Coffee Bag: If there is a way to get a beautifully brewed cup of coffee made of high-quality and fresh beans in a couple of minutes, this is it. The drip coffee bags by Hook Coffee can take your morning coffee routine to the next level.
  • Carter Move Mug: This travel mug can keep the coffee hot for up to 12 hours and the iced coffee stay cold for up to 24 hours. That coffee lover is sure to think of you every time they use it!
  • Wacaco Portable Espresso Maker: Is it a dream for every coffee enthusiast to have a full barista experience by themselves at home or on the go? The portable espresso maker by Wacaco will reward you with that creamy golden espresso that even your local café would envy.
  • Parchmen & Co roast-to-order coffee beans: These premium coffee beans originated from all around the world will not dissatisfy any professional coffee addict. Your recipient is guaranteed a cup that tastes as if it came right from their favorite local coffee shop.
  • Complete the experience with your branded box and a message card.

#4 Swag box for the tea drinker 

Yes, you normally don’t have to be a proper Brit to enjoy a nice cup of tea every day. Consider these options to bring some extra warmth to any tea lover’s day in your office this holiday.

  • OFFBLAK Tea: Regardless of the caffeine level spectrum you prefer, there's tea for you. You can always find an OFFBLAK Tea blend that suits your taste and energy needs among their delicious and fruity selection.
  • Parchmen & Co Tea: If you’re thinking of going old-school with a superior, gluten-free, dairy-free tea, Parchmen & Co Tea is the one for you.
  • Gryphon Tea: Wanna help your tea lovers broaden their tea horizons? Load your swag box with a sophisticated collection of tea by Gryphon Tea Company and they’ll be amazed. 
  • Roji Cha Tea: This Japanese brand of tea features all the unique and interesting ingredients you’re looking for to showcase a fun, modern twist to traditional Japanese teas.
  • Complete the experience with your branded box and a message card.

#5 Swag box for the chocolate lover

The chocolate connoisseur in your office deserves nothing but the finest cacao in a company swag box. However, one of those drugstore sampler chocolate boxes doesn’t exactly scream “I put effort into this!”. Consider this cool, unique, and premium chocolate hamper instead. 

  • Marou Chocolate Bar: A beautiful blend of dark chocolate with the finest nuts and dried fruits will create an interesting flavor combination that satisfies any insatiable sweet tooth.
  • Fossa Chocolate: Coming in unique ingredients like sea salt flakes, salted egg yolk, cereal, or tea leaves, Fossa Chocolates can wow even those chocoholics who think they’ve tasted it all.
  • Krakakoa Chocolate Bark: This perfectly balanced combination of chocolate and crunch from breadcrumbs is sure to become a new favorite snack for literally anyone in your office. Bonus: Branded packaging is available for minimum 250 pcs.
  • Love Cocoa Dark Chocolate: You can’t go wrong with chocolate bars from Love Cocoa since everything is simply irresistible about this perfect balance of dark chocolate and sea salt flakes.
  • Hip Chocolate Oat Milk Chocolate: Vegan-friendly, sweet and crunchy with a salty twist - isn’t it the best of both worlds?
  • Complete the experience with your branded box and a message card.

#6 Swag box for the globetrotter

It’s good to see the (revenge) travelling wave returning after the pandemic, though with a few more wrinkles than before. You know the adventurers in your life could benefit from some upgraded gear for their next journey, and here are some goodies to include in a globetrotter-friendly company swag box.

  • Dòng Dòng Sài Gòn Upcycled Toiletry Bag: This is the one and only toiletry bag you’re looking for — stylish, lightweight, water-proof, and has room for all of your personal must-haves. Bonus, it is handmade from upcycled tarps and truck awnings, and co-branding option is available for mininum 50 pcs.
  • Dòng Dòng Sài Gòn Upcycled Travel Tag: This durable water-proof travel tag is reliable, inexpensive and practical gift for frequent travellers. Bonus, it is handmade from upcycled tarps and truck awnings, and co-branding option is available for mininum 50 pcs.
  • Oasis: Room and Linen Mist: A delightfully scented mist designed to freshen your room, bedding, and apparel everywhere you go — a must-have for each and every globetrotter.
  • Oasis: Travel Soap Box: Let’s be honest, not many of us think about soap boxes when packing our luggage before travelling. However, this is one of the essential items that makes a professional traveller's life easier on a long trip.
  • Oasis: Solid Shampoo: Handcrafted in Singapore using plant-based ingredients with a nice blend of organic herbs and essential oils, this travel-friendly solid shampoo from Oasis is no doubt a perfect gift for a conscious traveller who prefer an all-natural, gentle shampoo alternative.  
  • Fer A Cheval Soap Candy: This yummy-looking and functional gentle cleansing soap is pleasing to look at and gives you the basic luxury of washing at the same time. Super portable and light-weight, making it easy to pack for long and short trip alike.
  • Complete the experience with your branded box and a message card.

#7 Swag box for the new parents

From sentimental to practical finds — these products will make a perfect corporate holiday gift basket for an employee who’s trying to get familiar with the whole parenting game. 

  • Jellycat Soft Toys: Every new parent will soon have a whole zoo of stuffed animals and it seems to be never enough. Gifting them these adorable soft farmyard toys, bears, and birds from Jellycat is sure to stir some genuine excitement in their babies. 
  • Bubsmamy Diapers & Wipes Discovery Box: Containing 8 brands of diapers and 5 brands of wipes for easy trial before bulk purchase, this kit is a simple solution for an overwhelmed new parent who’s confused and frustrated with endless options of diapers and wipes out there in the market. 
  • Handmade Heroes Free the Nips Nursing Balm: The mommy’s nipples will get way more attention than they used to after the baby's birth, whether she is exclusively breastfeeding, pumping, or doing a mix of those. This gift will make the feeding journey easier and remind her of taking care of herself at the same time.
  • To Be Calm Essential Rollerball & Candle: When it comes to picking gifts for new moms and dads, it’s not necessarily all about the baby. Choose these self-care scented gifts for those parents looking for a little zen and let them know that you really care. 
  • Complete the experience with your branded box and a message card.

#8 Swag box for the eco-warrior

It’s never been so easy to give green, but you can always count on our list of unique, sustainable gifts that won’t just be loved by the eco-warrior in your life - our planet will appreciate them, too.

  • Peco Bag Recycled Bags: With each bag made from 7 recycled bottles, these foldable reusable bags are surprisingly durable and perfect for carrying on grocery runs. And look at them, aren’t they chic enough to go with any outfit any season? Bonus, you can customise with your company logo for a minium of 50 pcs and you can upgrade these bags to become your swag bag packaging instead. Win-win!
  • Left-handesign plantable stationery: The BĪJ collection by Left-handesign consists of elegantly crafted goodies like pens, pencils, notebooks, etc., for which you can give a new lease on life by planting them into a variety of herbs. They are simply gifts that keep on giving. 
  • Dòng Dòng Sài Gòn Upcycled Bum Bag: A stylish, lightweight, water-proof must-have bag for everyday use as well as their holiday trip. Bonus, it is handmade from upcycled tarps and truck awnings, and co-branding option is available for mininum 50 pcs.
  • Complete the experience with your branded box and a message card.

#9 Swag box for the stay-at-home spa lover

We can all relate to the feelings of work burnout, exhaustion, and general stress to some degree. For this reason, including spa-themed presents in your company swag box is appropriate at any time of year. Here’s our favorite list of spa gifts for the self-care devotees at your workplace.

  • Handmade Heroes Super Duper Nourishing Rose Body Scrub: Your skin always has those days when it’s dull and dry, but this product can help it be brightened, silky smooth, and hydrated skin in minutes. 
  • To Be Calm Massage Oil: This little bottle can do the heavy lifting to unblock energy, boost one’s mood, and relieve stress. A perfect gift for an everyday moment of zen.
  • To Be Calm Candle: Know someone who could benefit from a brief mental vacation? This candle will do the trick and help transform your home into a tranquil oasis.
  • Complete the experience with your branded box and a message card.

#10 Swag box for the fashionista 

There’s always at least one chic, fashion-obsessed employee who can turn your office hallway into a runway effortlessly. They seem to already have everything, but these quick gift ideas still make a super cool swag box that surely leaves them impressed.

  • TimTay scrunchies: Isn’t it wonderful to encourage the fashionista in your life to pursue sustainable fashion with this chic collection of scrunchies, which come in a number of colours and textures and can deal with even a messy bun on their bad hair days? Bonus, they are made from leftover linen fabric from  Vietnamese up-and-coming slow-fashion brand Tim Tay.
  • No Big Deal (aka. Có Gì Đâu Project) silk scarf: There is no rule for the number of scarfs a woman should have, especially when they come in like an art. This creative collection by Co Gi Dau is guaranteed to satisfy even the most demanding shopaholic. 
  • Dòng Dòng Sài Gòn Upcycled Bum: Stylish, waterproof, eco-friendly, and comes in trendy colors and perfect size for the on-the-go, what’s not to like about these bum bags? Bonus, it is handmade from upcycled tarps and truck awnings, and co-branding option is available for mininum 50 pcs.
  • Batik Boutique Kimono: Beautiful, silk kimono with traditional batik block-printing technique, handmade by artisans in Malaysia. These are perfect for all occasions — work days, date nights, and that much-awaited holiday trip your recipient is looking forward to.
  • Complete the experience with your branded box and a message card.

#11 Swag box for the hobbyist

Sometimes, the best kind of gift is the one that leads to a passion lasting for years. Here are some hobby gift ideas that you can consider when crafting a corporate holiday gift basket that inspires a lifelong hobby.

  • Maztermind board games: Thoughtfully handcrafted by Vietnamese artisans using sustainable and premium materials, the beautifully designed board games by Maztermind are just impossible not to adore, even for the pickiest player. Bonus, branding options including engraving are available for minium of 50 pcs.
  • Farmcity Mighty Veggie Growing Starter Kit: Looking for a gift for someone with a green thumb? They will appreciate this cute starter kit for getting started on a little garden of their own. 
  • Batik Boutique Batik Kit: Wanna keep your employees’ creative spark alive? Bringing out the artist in them with the DIY painting kits from Batik Boutique is always a good idea.
  • INGO Woodblock Printing Art Kit: INGO offers a quick and fun experience of making 500-year-old Đông Hồ art of woodblock prints originated from Vietnam, which is a perfect way to give the gift of entertainment this holiday.
  • SYNT Studio card games: If you’re thinking of a corporate gift that brings people together and boosts group dynamics in your company, the fun and interactive games such as The Singaporean Game ow Hawker War by SYNT Studio will be more than perfect. 
  • Complete the experience with your branded box and a message card.

#12 Swag box for the fitness enthusiast

Every gym lover knows that there are times before, during, and after workouts when the craving for solid food is insatiable. For that reason, putting energy bars into a company swag box for those fitness enthusiasts can make them find that extra slice of motivation both at work and in the gym. 

  • Lecka energy bars, which are gluten-free, dairy-free, and plant-based, come in delicious fruit flavors and provide instant energy, should be the best friend of any fitness freak in your office. 
  • Customised face towel: From SGD10 with a MOQ of 50 pcs and 1-2 weeks lead time.
  • Complete the experience with your branded box and a message card.

Ready to impress your team and clients with unique holiday swag kit this Christmas?

If you’re still reading, we know you must put a lot of thought into your branded swag box to ensure elevated gift receiving and unboxing experience for your recipients. 

Besides the swag items and gifts, here is a range of packaging options at GiftGood that cater to your own needs, budget, timeline, while delivering elevated, corporate branded holiday swag kits the right way.

Mailer Gift Box Options: Available in 3 colors - Brown, Black & White

  • Plain mailer box: From SGD4 with MOQ of 50 pcs and 1 week lead time
  • Mailer box with company logo sticker: From SGD6 with MOQ of 50 pcs and 2-3 week lead time
  • Mailer box with logo printed on top: From SGD8 with MOQ of 50 pcs and 2-3 week lead time

Premium Magnetic Box Options: Available in 3 colors - Brown, Black & White

  • Plain premium magnetic box: From SGD10 with MOQ of 50 pcs and 1 week lead time
  • Premium magnetic box with company logo sticker: From SGD12 with MOQ of 50 pcs and 2-3 week lead time
  • Premium magnetic box with print: From SDG14 with MOQ of 50pcs and 2-3 week lead time

Full custom box: A top-of-the-line customization option that offers the maximum WOW factor. 

  • Full custom box: Prices vary depending on size and design, MOQ of 1000 pcs with 4-6 week lead time

Eco-friendly Gift Bag: Thinking of an out-of-the-box idea to deliver your unique swag box? You can always skip the above options and use recyclable Peco Bag or upcycling Dòng Dòng tote bags as gift packaging.

  • Peco Bag: From SGD19.95 with MOQ of 1 pc and available immediately
  • Peco Bag with logo printing: From SGD23 with MOQ of 50 pcs and 2-3 week lead time
  • Dòng Dòng Sài Gòn Tote Bag: From SGD45 with MOQ of 1 pc and available immediately
  • Dòng Dòng Sài Gòn Tote Bag with co-branding: From SGD47 with MOQ of 50pcs and 3-4 weeks lead time
  • Other premium reusable packaging options such as wooden box, bamboo box, and rattan box can be sourced upon requests

If you still have something else special in mind, we’re happy to help you to create a one-of-a-kind swag box. Contact our corporate gift concierge team at corporate@shopgiftgood.com for assistance every step of the way.

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