Thank You Gifts: 12+ Fabulous Ideas To Bookmark

Thank You Gifts: 12+ Fabulous Ideas To Bookmark

Ever been in that situation where you're all filled with thanks, but wonder how to let it out? You have countless options: treat them to their favourite bubble tea, send an epic text, pen a heartfelt ode, or better yet, surprise them with the perfect thank you gift box! 

Whoever it is for — a friend who stood by your side through thick and thin, a work mentor and/or colleagues who made such an impact in your professional development, a long-serving staff whose retirement is coming soon, a supportive client or business partner — a little thank you gift can go a long way. 

Time to dive into our ultimate list of thank you gift ideas to show your heartfelt gratitude and appreciation instead of just saying it (but make sure you say it, too). Bonus: No waiting required! We offer same-day gift delivery here in Singapore so you can send a thank you gift box as soon as you need.

#1 Merci Gift Box 

Best thank you gift that is suitable for all

Gratitude never looked this good! Present the Merci Gift Box as a special thank you gift for someone extraordinary. Filled with thoughtful essentials like the Carter Move Mug for a comforting coffee moment on the go, the Soothe Mini Soy Candle (Sandalwood & Amber) for a blissful escape in a jar, and the Grey Upcycled Toiletry Bag for a hassle-free adventure, it’s a thank you gift that speaks for itself.

#2 Pamper Gift Box 

Best thank you gift that is all about self-love and care

Imagine gifting them a spa-like gift box that pampers them and gives a well-deserved break, all while saying thank you! A collection of self-care treasures like a Rose Petals Scented Hand Cream, a Pink Clay Beauty Warrior Face Mask, a Cocolicious Luscious Lip Mask, and a Beautiful Mini Soy Candle will be a comforting surprise, guaranteed!

#3 Coffee Lover / Tea Lover Gift Box

Best thank you gift for the coffee / tea addict

A brew-tiful gift is obviously the thank you gift that’ll have your coffee-obsessed friend, employee, or colleague buzzing with joy. 

Similarly, your tea-loving boss or client will appreciate this tea-rrific thank you.

#4 Wellness Gift Box

Best thank you gift that nourishes the foodie’s soul

Packed with Halal-certified nuts, dried fruits, and superfood snacks, this Wellness Gift Box is a treasure trove of healthy delights. Whether it’s for a health-conscious employee or a friend who is a serious snacker, food items are always reliable thank you gifts.

#5 Happy Hour Gift Box

Best thank you gift for the party lover

Its name says it all — a happy thank you gift box that brings joy and excitement right to their doorsteps (and their heart). Filled with mouthwatering snacks like salt & pepper organic brown rice crisps, teriyaki BBQ veggie chips, ancient grain clusters in dark chocolate, and two options of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks, this gift box will get anyone ready for a chill night in.

#6 Eco Champion Gift Box

Best thank you gift that gives back

Plant a smile with the Eco Champion Gift Box—a curation of sustainable treasures that will leave a green impression on your client, boss, teacher, or anyone who matters to you. Featuring a collapsible bowl and pocket cup from Stojo, along with plantable stationery from Left-handesign, it's the perfect thank you gift that gives back to the environment and shows your gratitude in a meaningful way.

#7 Eco Adventure Gift Box

Best thank you gift for the explorer

Thinking about sending a thank you gift to a wanderlust-filled heart? Then this Eco Adventure Gift Box is a must-try. Featuring the stylish and eco-friendly travel accessories from Dòng Dòng Sài Gòn, this thank you gift hamper will satisfy any adventurous soul who values sustainable travel.

#8 Motivation Gift Box

Best thank you gift that boosts their energy

Loaded with delicious treats like Mango Coconut Energy Bars, Organic Dried Apricots, Natural Baked Sprouted Superfoods, and Melona Manpuku Tea, this Motivation Box is such a sweet pick-me-up to brighten their day. Time to return the favour to the one who lifted your spirits with their charm and kindness. 

#9 Dried Bouquet

Best thank you gift for all special occasions

This charming dried bouquet is sure to spread joy and expresses your heartfelt gratitude in the most beautiful way. 

#10 Rise & Shine Gift Box

Best thank you gift for your favourite morning person

Surprise them with the Rise & Shine Gift Box—a curated selection of breakfast essentials that'll set their day on the right track. Featuring the Carter Move Mug, Banana Chocolate Energy Bar, Double Chocolate Cookies, and a selection of Drip Coffee Bags, this thank you gift is a delightful treat for anyone who loves to seize the day.

#11 Grey Cement Potted Plant Series

Best thank you gift for the professional

Grey Cement Potted Plant Series is the ideal thank you gift in a professional setting, or for anyone who loves the presence of greenery but not so much the maintenance. Whether it's a coworker, manager, or team member, this elegant plant pot will bring a touch of nature to their workspace and boost their productivity. The delivery will be carried out by our trusted partner - The Green Capsule. You can expect the gift to be delivered the next working day when you place an order before 5pm.

#12 Office Pamper Gift Box

Best thank you gift that acknowledges hard work and dedication

Filled with essentials that'll transform any desk into a cosy oasis, the Office Pamper Gift Box is an elegant way to say 'thank you' to the one who has lightened your workload and brightened your workdays.

Prefer to customise your own thank you gift hamper?

Here are some practical and absolutely-not-boring gift items that you can add to your custom thank you gift box:

Ready to build your own GiftGood box?

Time to send a thank you gift

The best ‘thank you’ can be as simple as a personal note, a hug, a cup of coffee on their desk, or a gift hamper. Whatever it is, remember to take time to express your heartfelt gratitude and appreciation — letting them know how their help & support make you feel. 

For the busy bees in Singapore without much planning time, the extra bonus is that you can purchase everything online and get it sent straight to their doorstep on the same day or next day, so your gift of gratitude is guaranteed to arrive in a timely fashion. 

A thoughtful gesture goes a long way. Why wait till Christmas when you send a little thank you gift box more often? :) Pick a ready thank you gift hamper or customise a gift box your own way now.

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