Return to office care package for employees

5 thoughtful care packages to welcome your team

With the gradual reopening of workplaces, as the team lead or the HR manager, you are probably thinking about delighting your team members with a fun welcome-back gift. Easier said than done, right? Shopping for colleagues can be the toughest task to pull off, especially when you have a mix of personalities, cultures, and preferences to consider. 

But worry no more. We have curated the 5 delicious, fun, and thoughtful care package ideas for you —  read on!

#1 Good Morning care package

Almost all of us in Singapore have become accustomed to dressing up just enough for a Zoom video call - an elegant top with lounge pants or a formal suit fashionably paired (or not) with stay-at-home shorts. Let’s face it, we have been working from home for too long! Our habits around the workspace have undoubtedly changed. So how to help your team members transition back to the early morning routine?

The answer - build the ultimate “Good Morning” care package with the following items:

  • Hook Coffee’s drip coffee bags, freshly roasted in Singapore
  • SPRICE’s organic brown rice crisps, a perfect pair with butter and sliced strawberries for healthy breakfast sides 
  • Bruneus’ superfoods clusters, with cacao nibs and your choice of cashews, almond, walnut or chia seeds
  • With Love, Gretel’s naturally baked sprouted pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds for some added texture to a healthy breakfast!
  • Mingcha Wellness’s Poop Poop tea - who doesn’t love a great start of the day with some detox and digestion? ;) 

#2 Health-is-wealth care package

One thing all of us have probably learned from the pandemic is that taking care of health and well-being is extremely important. As we kick-start the year strong, why not show your team members some love and care with a box of only organic, wholesome, tasty treats? 

Here are items you can fill your healthy care package with:

  • Organic Serious Popcorns in a good range of flavours for you to choose from: Coconut & Vanilla Popcorn, Dark Chocolate Drizzle Popcorn, Peanut Butter & Almond Popcorn, Sea Salt Popcorn, and Sweet & Salty Popcorn
  • Organic & vegan Serious Cookies in four delicious flavours: Chocolate Chip Cookies, Coconut Delight Cookies, Double Chocolate Cookies, and White Choc Macadamia Cookies
  • Organic Karri TA 30+ Honey, Dessert Mallee Honey, or Western Australian Wildflower Honey from Honey For Life
  • Organic nut clusters and cacao nibs from Bruneus
  • Organic, super-addictive, healthy Brown Rice Crisps from SPRICE

#3 Taste-of-Southeast-Asia care package

Celebrate our region’s flavours all in a box! Delight your teammates from Vietnam, Indonesia or Singapore with the tasty snacks from their homelands. 

Here are items you can fill your uniquely Southeast Asia care package with:

  • Singablend Drip Coffee by local specialty coffee roaster, Hook Coffee, featuring the deliciously creamy coffee that is the perfect pairing for the all-time-favourite local iced gem biscuits
  • Fossa Chocolate’s Salted Egg Cereal Blond Chocolate is an absolute gem, “Singaporeans' favourite Tze-char dish in a chocolate bar” says it all
  • Crescent Moon White Tea by Parchmen & Co, a specialty tea made from the best hand-picked buds of high mountains old wild tea trees (1800m-2200m) in Ha Giang, Vietnam
  • A unique range of Marou’s Milk Chocolates and Dark Chocolates with flavours inspired by different parts of Vietnam such as Tien Giang Mekong Kumquat Chocolate or Lam Dong Arabica Coffee Chocolate
  • A yummy collection of Chocolates and Chocolate Snacks from Krakakoa, the farmer-to-bar chocolate maker from Indonesia, is not to be missed 

#4 Halal-certified tasting snack box

Halal-certified Tasting Snack Box

A tasty box with 12 packets of Halal-certified snacks and treats only. These are our absolute favourites. The best part is you can check out in one click and enjoy free next-day delivery. 

What's in the box:

  • Organic Activated Almonds & Cacao Nibs Cluster (30g) from Bruneus
  • Organic Chia Seeds & Cacao Nibs Cluster (30g) from Bruneus
  • Green Curry Mushroom Chips (30g) from Confetti Snacks
  • Summer Truffle Veggie Chips (30g) from Confetti Snacks
  • Salted Egg Prawn Roll (180g) from IRVINS
  • Baguette Dark Milk Chocolate Bark (40g) from Krakakoa
  • Dark Chocolate Focaccia Chocolate Bark (40g) from Krakakoa
  • Blinkies Chocolate Snack (45g) from Krakakoa
  • Organic Black Pepper & Salt Brown Rice Crisps (28g) from SPRICE
  • Organic Himalayan Rock Salt Brown Rice Crisps (28g) from SPRICE
  • Truffle Salt Sprouted Cashews (50g) from With Love, Gretel
  • Peri Peri Sprouted Superfoods (50g) from With Love, Gretel
  • Kraft Box & Eco-friendly wrapper from SnackGood

#5 Party-in-a-box care package for the whole team

The back-to-work plan calls for a revamped pantry situation. Fill your pantry with exciting, healthy snacks and drinks that spark joy and conversations as your team members recharge in between meetings and discuss their favourite treats. We also offer snacks in single-serve portions, perfect for safe consumption in the new normal era at work. 

What you should include in your pantry’s snack & drink jumbo box:

  • Hook Coffee Drip Coffee Sachets
  • Bruneus 30g Tasting Packets
  • Confetti 30g Tasting Packets
  • Krakakoa 40g Chocolate Barks
  • Krakakoa 45g Blinkies
  • Marou 24g Tasting Chocolate Bars
  • Popcorn Shed Mini Pop Bags 
  • SPRICE 28g Brown Rice Crisps
  • Serious Puffs 15g Tasting Packets
  • Serious Popcorns 12g Tasting Packets
  • With Love, Gretel 50g Sprouted Superfoods
  • With Love, Gretel 50g Sprouted Cashews
  • Dash Water sparkling waters (cans)
  • Sansu sparkling yuzu seltzers (cans)
  • Shozu sparkling yuzu prebiotics drinks (cans)
  • The Uncommon sparkling wines (cans)

Want something more? We’ve got you covered.

Tell us your requirements, preferences and our team will get to work, even doing custom sourcing for you!

Whether you like any of our care package ideas above, prefer to have something uniquely designed for your team or want us to help put a few things together based on your requirements, we can do it all. Contact us at!

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  3. Bruneus
  4. With Love, Gretel
  5. Mingcha Wellness
  6. Serious Food Co 
  7. Honey for Life
  8. Fossa Chocolate
  9. Parchmen & Co
  10. Marou
  11. Krakakoa
  12. Confetti Snacks
  13. IRVINS
  14. Popcorn Shed
  15. Dash
  16. Sansu
  17. Shozu
  18. The Uncommon
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