9 thoughtful thank-you gift ideas for colleagues, boss and clients

Choosing the right thank-you gifts for your office folks can be challenging sometimes. Unlike close friends, you may not know your coworkers, your boss, or your clients well enough to confidently pick suitable gifts for them. 

  • You may be looking for a thank-you gift for your work mentor and/or colleagues who made such an impact on your professional development before leaving your current job; 
  • You may be a team leader who is looking for appreciation care packages for team members after a tough period — especially if both of you are working on a remote/hybrid basis making face time a luxury;
  • You may be planning a surprise thank-you gift for a long-serving staff member whose retirement is coming soon;
  • Or you may be thinking about what to get as a professional and elegant thank-you gift for a supportive client or business partner.

At GiftGood, we curate quality and fabulous gifts from up-and-coming purposeful brands in one place. That way, you can easily pick amazing thank-you gifts for your colleagues, boss, and clients when you need them.  

For the busy bees in Singapore without much planning time, the added bonus is that you can purchase everything online and get it sent straight to their doorstep on the same day or the next day. 

Sounds like it’s something useful for your gift selection process.
Time to dive into our ultimate list of thank-you gift ideas you can consider for your next customisable gift box.
We’ve reviewed our list of over 300 gift items to identify the 9 most popular absolutely-not-boring professional gift items that you can add to your custom thank-you gift box for your co-workers, work mentors, employees, and business partners.

#1 LEUCHTTURM1917 Notebook

LEUCHTTURM1917 A5 Hard Cover notebooks come in the perfect size with plenty of room to jot down ideas and notes — capturing the present sparks and pauses and becoming keepsakes for the future.

They are best known for functional details, quality, and a wide range of colours — making them great gift choices for different personalities and styles.

  • Black & Navy notebooks for more formal gifting needs;
  • Cheerful Rising Sun & Red Note for enthusiastic recipients;
  • Or softer colours like Sage, Vanilla, or Lilac notebooks for those who enjoy the minimalist look and subtle beauty.

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#2 Parker Ballpoint Pen

Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pens offer a great balance between high-quality writing instruments, clean aesthetics, and a good price point. Each pen comes with a classy Parker box — making it a fine gift for business professionals.

With a good range of colours, you can go for Black or Navy pens for more formal settings or fun pastel colours like Pastel Yellow or Pastel Orange for more youthful vibes.

View all Parker Jotter Ballpoint Pen selections.

# 3 Purple & Pure Eco-friendly Plantable Seed Pens and Pencils 

If eco-friendly and experiential gifting is your thing, consider the range of budget-friendly plantable seed pens and seed pencils from Purple & Pure. Each pen or pencil has a water capsule that consists of seeds, which you can grow into herbs afterward — making it a fun experience for your recipients. 

#4 Mekomo Modern Chinese Calligraphy ‘Gratefulness’ or ‘感恩’

Pronounced as ‘gǎn ēn’, which means ‘gratefulness’ in Chinese, this elegant piece of modern Chinese calligraphy ‘感恩’ beautifully expresses your gratitude for a supportive colleague or a nurturing work mentor.

Comes in the handy A5 tabletop frame, each piece is truly one-of-a-kind — hand-painted to add warmth, meaning, and beauty to one’s workstation as well as uplift their mood. 

#5 Fellow Products Carter Move Mug (16oz)

If they are the always-on-the-move types, juggling between meetings, fitness classes, and children's errands, this is a thoughtful addition to elevate their drinkware collection and coffee-to-go experience. 

These Carter Move Mugs are designed with great attention to detail, functionality, and sipping experience:

  • Retaining heat for 12 hours and keeping drinks cold for 24 hours,
  • Cup holder-friendly and equipped with a snap-in splash guard to save their brew from bumps and sudden stops,

Your recipient now can enjoy their coffee (or their preferred caffeinated fixes and non-caffeinated beverages) to the fullest on the go. 

Go with Black or White Carter Move Mugs for safe choices or keep it fun and playful with Corduroy Red, Buttered Popcorn, Cargo Green, or Mint Chips ones instead.

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#6 Hook Coffee Playfully Delicious Drip Coffee Bag

Playfully named, deliciously tasted, and super convenient — Hook Coffee Drip Coffee Bag marries delicious specialty coffee, drinking experience, and convenience in one little bag. 

Simply open the bag, set the ready-made drip coffee ground filter on top of a mug/cup, and pour hot water. That’s it — a perfect cup of coffee is waiting to keep them up and running through their work day. 

You can go with bestsellers such as Give Me S’mores, Butterfingers or Speculose Your Mind, or something different such as Cherry Bomb, Relation-chip Goal, or local favour Singablend.

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#7 OFFBLAK Colourful, Tasty Tea Bag

If tea is their thing, consider the collection of colourful pyramid tea bags for their thank-you gift box. Trust us, these tea bags are so fun to look at, taste amazing, and can be enjoyed in just a couple of minutes. 

OFFBLAK tea is great in the way you can pick the caffeine level easily — fully charged, medium, or caff free. 

  • For fully charged, high caffeine level, consider: Just Dessert Mint & Chocolate Black Tea or You’re Golden Spicy Orange & Ginger Black Tea
  • For medium caffeine level, consider: It’s All Peachy Raspberry & Peach Green Tea or Squeeze Me Orange & Jasmine Green Tea
  • For zero caffeine level, consider: Sleep Breezy Chamomile & Peach Herbal Tea or Wild At Heart Strawberry & Pink Pepper Fruit Tea 

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#8 Southeast-Asian Artisanal Chocolates

Chocolates have long been one of the most popular gifting options in corporate settings. Elevate that to that next level with artisanal chocolate made right here in South East Asia — with sustainably sourced cacao beans, local flavours, and sustainable packing in some cases. 

Among our chocolate collection on GiftGood, we got an interesting roundup of artisanal chocolate makers that you should seriously consider for your thank-you gift box  — Fossa Chocolate from Singapore, Krakakoa from Indonesia, and Marou Chocolate from Vietnam. 

You’re spoilt for interesting chocolate choices as gifts:

  • Local flavour profile such as Salted Egg Cereal Blond Chocolate from Fossa Chocolate
  • Bite-sized Marou 53% Dark Chocolate Energy Fruit Bar with Coconut and Popped Rice from Marou Chocolate
  • Uniquely Vietnamese Pho Spice Chocolate Bar by Marou Chocolate
  • Irresistible chocolate snack – Baguette Dark Milk Chocolate Bark by Krakakoa
  • Or award-winning Sea Salt & Pepper Dark Chocolate by Krakakoa

View all chocolate selections from Fossa Chocolate, Marou Chocolate, and Krakakoa.

#9 To Be Calm Jet Lag Rollerball & Massage Oil

Last but not least, if your coworkers that you’re shopping gifts for are the heavy-traveller type, consider the aromatherapy selection for homegrown favourite fragrance brand To Be Calm. 

You can consider To Be Calm Jet Lag Rollerball, which comes in a handy travel-friendly 10ml tube — making it convenient for them to carry around during their trip. Jet Lag is a therapeutic blend of essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender Eucalyptus, Geranium, Lemongrass, and Grapefruit blended with pure Jojoba oil. They can simply place some in their palm and breath deeply to revitalise their tired body.

As for the Jet Lag Massage Oil (100m), it is also travel-friendly and multi-purpose. Your recipient can use it to massage sore spots/joints from long travel, or mix it with warm water for a relaxing bath soak — beating sluggishness away with ease.

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We hope you find the above list of 9 thoughtful appreciation gift ideas helpful in customising your next gift box with us. 

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Simply add your message and hit send!

Time to send a thank-you gift 

It’s been a challenging few years with major disruptions and changes happening at the workplace (and probably at home too!). It can be stressful, overwhelming, and exhausting. In those moments when we need a cheer, a listening ear, or a helping hand the most, our day (and heart) is filled with warmth when a close colleague or our boss is there for us. 

If you can relate to those moments, it’s time to send a thank-you note or a thank-you gift. It can be as simple as a personal note, a hug (no more safe distance, yay!), a cup of coffee on their desk, or a gift hamper. Whatever it is, remember to take time to express your heartfelt gratitude and appreciation — letting them know how their help & support make us feel. 

A ‘thank-you’ goes a long way. Why wait till Christmas when you do it well and do it often? :)