Hello, we’re SnackGood!

SnackGood launch

Every story starts somewhere. Ours starts today with good snacks and sips. While many details are still fuzzy and work-in-progress, there’s one thing we know for sure. We want to build something good (pun intended!). 

By good, we mean — delivering thoughtful experiences for every single order. By good, we also mean — celebrating and supporting a growing community of local and regional entrepreneurs who are dedicated to creating amazing products and building purposeful brands. And we hope you will join us in shaping SnackGood into a good experience that you’re looking forward to, for yourself and for your loved ones.

Here’s v1.0 of what we mean, in more detail! 😊

Delivering thoughtful experiences

Just like snacks and sips with so many types, flavours, characters, you’re uniquely you. You’re also evolving, writing & rewriting your own story. That’s what makes life fun and exciting.

When you are here at SnackGood, we want you to experience just that — the fun of being you, learning about your evolving self and those who matter to you — in a shared language that is snacks, sips, and the stories of their making.

Whether you’re the adventurous snacker, the all-things-natural muncher, the sweet gifter, you can always find at SnackGood something you enjoy best: a snack box that you pick out yourself, that is uniquely yours. And that’s what we call "the good, thoughtful experience"!

Celebrating all good brands in one place

Building a business that does good is hard. Thus, these stories of do-good brands need celebrations and support. 

At SnackGood, we celebrate local and regional entrepreneurs who put their heart and soul into creating innovative products, while uplifting the underprivileged communities or making a positive impact on the planet. We celebrate them by doing our best in showcasing their products to you, and helping them reach a wider audience here in Singapore. 

When you join us in this journey, sharing these brands’ stories to your friends & family or trying out their products in your next SnackGood box, you too are celebrating their commitment and dedication to doing good. Whether it’s a chocolate bar, a can of wine, or just a conversation to spark awareness, no support is too small. So start now!

Building something good, with you and for you

How can we build something good, for you, your loved ones, and the bigger communities around us? What does good mean for you? What do you want to see more at SnackGood? 

We are all ears. Drop us an email at hello@snackgood.co.

We can’t wait to shape this story into a good one, with you and for you!

Bonus: Behind-the-scenes candid shots 👋🏻

Take a peek at some behind-the-scene candid photos before we launched SnackGood site! 😎

Behind-the-scenes SnackGood launch