The best graduation gifts to ease the next phase

The best graduation gifts to ease the next phase

Time is a mysterious thing, isn’t it? College years often go by in a flash, leaving us to wonder why time only goes one way.

Every year, Singapore is filled with graduates from JC, Polytechnic, or Universities who are deep in their feelings. Graduation can be sad or exciting or somewhere in between. After a long two to four years of hard work, late nights, studying (and cramming), the last day often brings joy and excitement about the next adventure as well as a sense of nostalgia about what’s past and maybe a lot of uncertainties about what the future holds. When the graduation day ends, off comes the cap and gown, and on comes the daunting task of officially becoming an adult, which usually entails getting a real job and moving into their place. 

If you want to be there for a graduate in your life to celebrate their important milestone, cheer them on, calm their stress and encourage them to embark on a new journey, browse through these adorable graduation gifts (that are way better than your typical graduation bears) to show just how much you care and set them up for a good start of a new phase in their lives.

#1 An epic graduation snack bouquet

Fancy snacks over flowers? A snack bouquet is one of the most practical and mouth-watering gifts you can ever bring to a graduation day. In addition to being gender-neutral (which saves you plenty of time switching among different options for boys and girls), an edible bouquet may be a heartfelt, creative, and insta-worthy present for your graduating friends, and children, relatives, or colleagues. One minor side effect: This graduation gift may remind them of the good old times of snacking in the lecture hall :)

Consider the following ready-to-order snack bouquets with a handwritten card and free delivery option in Singapore to easily have a gift that your graduate would be delighted to receive.

You’ve got to choose among a variety of bouquets made of yummy chocolate bars from Love Cocoa and Fossa Chocolate, white choc macadamia vegan cookies by Serious Food, natural baked sprouted superfoods by With Love, Gretel, drip coffee bags by Hook Coffee, and a series of fun, quirky, delicious tea boxes offered by OFFBLAK. Another must-have extra to make it a perfect gift for graduation congratulations is the beautiful dried and preserved flowers put together by the talented florist Jermaine from Autumn Lust.

#2 A delightful graduation party in a box

After all the hard work and effort the fresh graduates have put into their college years, they deserve a celebration that is worth remembering. It’s time to personalize a gift basket that helps them throw an epic graduation party and lets everyone know your grad is “one smart cookie.” Whether it is a small gathering with family and close friends or a huge outdoor event in the backyard, these great food and drinks are highly suggested to ensure your grad would celebrate in style.

  • Serious Chocolate Cookies: The only annoying thing about these great chocolate cookies is how they will be gone in minutes :)).
  • Serious Sweet & Salty Popcorn: No one can resist the charm of a sweet and salty combo and so these dips can be really addicting.
  • IRVIN Salted Egg Potato Chips: This salted egg potato chip which is fried to a golden crisp is another perfect way to please the crowd.
  • Galipette Ciders: It cannot be a celebration without a little alcohol. This is made from 100% fermented apple juice and promised to level up the party.
  • Dash Sparkling Water: This series of refreshing and fruity sparkling water will satisfy those grads who prefer a non-alcoholic drink at the party.
  • Minor Figures Brew & Latte: A range of products that busts right through the problem of a graduate who could not survive a party without a bit of coffee.

If the outer packaging is not important, opt to order your graduation party essentials on Good Market.

If you want these cool goodies to come as a gift, build your party gift with Build Your Good Box. Both options have a search bar that helps you find your preferred products & brands easily.

#3 A graduation gift to inspire their new journey

As your graduate moves on to new territory and tackle the next exciting chapter of their lives, these items below will make a perfect graduation gift to serve as a gentle reminder for them to take care of themselves, have a healthy lifestyle, come out of their comfort zone often and enjoy life as much as possible.

  • KHUSH Granola & Brown Ice Puffs: Eating a healthy and balanced diet can be surprisingly quite stressful for plenty of graduates after starting professional work. KHUSH products, which are organic, gluten-free, and dairy-free, would help your graduate have a grown-up, quick and healthy breakfast every day.
  • Fellow Carter Move Mug: Why not gift the grads this smartly designed mug for them to enjoy the peaceful part of the day when pouring themselves a hot (or cold) cup of coffee at the new office?
  • To Be Calm Roller Balls: This is a good selection of rollerballs that helps your grads to feel energized, uplifted, or focused to do whatever they are pursuing after college.

Go ahead and use our Build Your Good Box to curate a unique gift box with work-ready essentials with the above ideas. Simply use the search bar to search for these items.

Finally, graduation season is upon us

You’re just a few clicks away from giving the most fun and useful graduation gift for your best friend, colleague, brother or sister, daughter or son, and getting them a head start on their new lives.

Head over to the Graduation Gift Delivery Guide to view more options and ideas you can pick as graduation gifts for your loved ones.

Bonus: Special thank-you gifts for professors

You may have a professor whom you owe a huge thanks to after finishing your thesis. If that’s the case, looking for an appropriate gift for the professor might be challenging for you, whether you know them well or not. We’ve rounded up some good suggestions for you that can absolutely NOT give you an A but are bound to make your professor smile on your graduation day :).

  • Vegan Snack & Sip Tasting Box: This collection of 10 delicious snacks and sips can be the best care package for a professor to leave in his or her drawer in case they forget lunch or want to snack on a bit while grading papers.
  • Mekomo Modern Chinese Calligraphy - 感恩 (gǎn ēn - gratefulness): Gifts for professors on graduation day don’t have to be expensive. If you decide not to go with the food choice, a simple and elegant tabletop frame with modern Chinese calligraphy can go a long way and remind them of how amazing their job is. 
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