2022 Jan Recap: What's Your Why-not?

When my co-founder came to me in early Jan and said: “Lots of people are searching for ‘snack bouquet’ for Valentine’s Day. Should we do a snack bouquet campaign?”

I remembered thinking to myself: “Omg, that’s ridiculous, no way!“. But I slept on the idea for a few days, and I thought again: “Well, why not? I know how to arrange flowers, and now we have lots of snacks in our warehouse. Let’s do it, it can be fun”.

And it did turn out to be a fun challenge. We came up with the concept. We had to run many “feasibility tests” on what to include in this Snack Bouquet DIY Kit, how to prepare the step-by-step snack bouquet DIY guide, how to make it challenging but doable, and so on. I even came to Jeannie’s house one night after work to let her try it out herself since she literally had no experience with flower arrangements. So if she can do it, others should be able to :D

Thank goodness, she did manage to put it together after trying for some time (and accidentally cutting her finger slightly in the process, oops, no pain no gain, right? 😅). Afterward, I had to put everything together, did the photoshoot (to my best’s ability), and also worked on this how-to DIY your snack bouquet video guide in stop-motion style for the first time (with the great help of Canva ✨).

Wrapping up January with a little long recap of what went on behind-the-scene at SnackGood's very first marketing campaign. I know that I will remember this little unexpected challenge many years down the road. I hope you, too, will be up for this little snack bouquet challenge (or any other challenge you decide for yourself) and have lots of fun.

So, what’s your why-not today? 😉

With love,
Minnie & Team SnackGood